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Los Cabos Named The Best Destination In Mexico By This Major Publication 

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As a tourist destination, Los Cabos has been increasing in popularity throughout 2023. 

Travelers have been flocking to the Baja California Sur hotspot in droves, even during the fall months.

Although many tourists visiting Los Cabos have resulted in high hotel occupancy rates and constant high prices, this doesn’t seem to have stopped travelers or show any sign of deterring them from visiting. 

The destination has grown so popular that a major publication has named it the best in Mexico.

Los Cabos Named The Best Destination In Mexico By This Major Publication 

If anything, the tourist-favorite destination has been trending on social media platforms and in various news outlets more than ever before. 

Because of this, various plans for new hotels are in the works to be constructed, and new events are being held. 

The destination has not seen a low travel season, with tourists flocking to the destination for summer holidays and warm getaways during the fall and winter months. 

Hotels have also featured new deals for tourists for the fall and winter holidays, and because of all of this, Los Cabos’ growing popularity has won the destination numerous awards. 

beach in Los Cabos

Top travel sites and publications have published several articles naming Los Cabos as one of the most popular, clean, safe, and fun tourist destinations. 

Most recently, Los Cabos received yet another prestigious award from another popular publication. 

Reader’s Digest Names Los Cabos Best Place In Mexico 

Recently, Reader’s Digest named Los Cabos the “Best International Destination in Mexico.”

Los Cabos reportedly received this prestigious award because of their “excellence in visitor services.” 

With numerous all-inclusive resorts, endless guided tourist activities, and careful monitoring of the beaches, Los Cabos is renowned for its customer service. 

Luxury All-Inclusive Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, attributes the reception of this award to Los Cabos’ hotel staff and locals coming together to help welcome the tourist community. 

Specifically, Fregoso went on to say that Los Cabos received this award because “of the comprehensive services that we offer, just now I mentioned and I insist that it is not only the hotels but also all the services and quality that is obtained in Los Cabos.”

The Reader’s Digest is a magazine that has been covering travel, lifestyle, and more since the early 20th century. 

In the past, Reader’s Digest has also covered Los Cabos’ numerous tourist activity offerings, including kayaking, boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, sport fishing, and more. 

little boy kayaking

Other Awards Los Cabos Has Won 

In recent years and particularly in the last few months, Los Cabos has continued to rack up traveler awards, as it only grows as a popular trending destination. 

This year, Los Cabos has received awards from Travel & Leisure (the World Best Award), Condé Nast (Reader’s Choice Award), and IMEX America (Traveler’s Choice Award), amongst others. 

trip advisor app

Los Cabos has also been highlighted by TripAdvisor, Priceline, and other travel-deal news outlets and review sites. 

One of the other well-known awards Los Cabos has received is the blue flag certifications for over 25 beaches. 

Although this isn’t equivalent to a travel award given by a publication, these blue flag certifications are, in a way, even higher in prestige. 

blue flag beach

The approximately 30 blue-flag beaches in Los Cabos received this award from local authorities because they are clean, safe, and sustainable. 

In a way, the blue flag certification is even more prestigious than travel awards given by publications because after receiving it, the beaches must continue to uphold certain specifications and follow very stringent rules to maintain their blue flag status. 

Luxury resort in Los Cabos

All in all, amongst travel publications, social media influencers, and your everyday traveler, Los Cabos has been an outstanding favorite destination during 2023 and continues to grow more popular by the day. 

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