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Los Cabos Named One Of The Top Destinations For The End Of The Year

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According to recent data by Amadeus’ Demand 360+, Los Cabos is the top winter festivities destination in the world right now. 

Data shows how this Mexican municipality is currently the first in the world when it comes to hotel occupancy, with 77% of the rooms in this area already booked for the upcoming festivities. 

Boats moored in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Following Los Cabos are other tourist destinations, such as Cape Town in South Africa, Phuket in Thailand, Cancun in Mexico, and Honolulu in Hawaii. 

Analyzing the data

Amadeus Hospitality is a global technology company whose main aim is to provide travelers with the latest information. It works with over 18,000 experts in 190 countries to solve the travel industry’s biggest challenges. 

Los Cabos' famous Arch on a sunny day

Data published by this company also shows how most people are now deciding to book their accommodations and flights at the last minute, making hotel reservations within one week of their trip. 

Commenting on the report findings, Katie Moro, Vice President at Amadeus, declared: “Christmas and New Year’s is undoubtedly a busy time for hoteliers. We are clearly seeing increased popularity in the APAC (Asia Pacific Region) and LATAM (Latin America) regions as travelers look to book getaways.”

Why are people choosing Los Cabos? 

But why are so many people choosing Los Cabos for their winter holidays? There are several reasons leading so many to opt for this destination. 

Coast of Cabo San Lucas on a sunny day with mountain in the background

First and foremost, the high safety levels for which this Mexican municipality is vastly renowned. 

Throughout the years, local authorities have made the constant increase of safety levels in the area their number one priority. 

Most people in Los Cabos make a living out of tourism, meaning that if safety levels were to decrease, so would the number of tourists choosing this area for their vacations, leading to an economic crisis. 

Pacific Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

This is why the Los Cabos government is constantly putting in place new safety measures to keep locals and tourists alike safe at all times. 

To give an example, just a few days ago, it was announced that more police officers would temporarily patrol the most popular sites in Los Cabos due to the arrival of huge crowds of tourists for the winter holidays. 

Another main reason why so many people keep choosing this place is due to the many luxury resorts for which Los Cabos is now renowned. 

man hiking in the baja california sur

All-inclusive resorts such as the Grand Velas are regularly ranked among the best accommodations in Latin America thanks to their state-of-the-art amenities and top-notch services. 

This municipality also offers a variety of luxurious activities to its visitors, from romantic yacht trips to horseback riding experiences, and a variety of high-end restaurants where world-renowned chefs serve their latest creations. 

Lastly, tourists keep choosing Los Cabos year after year as, despite its increasing popularity, this destination can still suit all pockets. 

Rock formations near Los Cabos shore

Visitors here can choose to spend hundreds of dollars for a night in one of the best resorts in the world or opt for a cheap hostel for a few bucks. 

While high-end restaurants are obviously known for their inflated prices, people on a budget can opt for street vendors to try the local cuisine at a low price. 

On top of this, activities in Los Cabos can be extremely cheap. Whales can, at times, be spotted from the shore, and activities such as sunbathing and hiking can always be done for free. 

Winter activities in Los Cabos 

Why Los Cabos Is Becoming A Top Destination For This Growing Travel Trend

Los Cabos offers a huge variety of activities during the winter months, and hiking is surely among the most popular. 

From the San José del Cabo Estuary to the Sierra de la Laguna biosphere reserve, this municipality has plenty of natural areas where people of all fitness levels can enjoy a relaxing day in nature. 

Whale watching is another popular activity. These gigantic mammals start to approach the Baja California Sur coasts at the end of the fall, putting an end to their long journey, which started in the Arctic.

A 4k Aerial view of Cabo San Lucas located at the southern tip of the Baja Mexico

Gray whales and humpback whales can usually be spotted in the area, and several local agencies offer day tours, giving tourists the chance to see these stunning mammals in their natural habitat. 

Water sports lovers in Los Cabos also get the chance to master their surfing skills, as in the months from November to April, the Pacific Ocean has perfect water conditions, calling surfers from all corners of the world to come.

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