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Los Cabos’ Main Roads Remains Safe Despite Recent Tourist Accident

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Despite being one of the most touristic places in Mexico, Los Cabos keeps receiving complaints concerning its mobility. 

Not by chance, a report published a few months ago showed how this is tourists’ number one concern when visiting the area.  

Aerial view of los cabos

Unfortunately, once again the complaints were proven to be based on real concerns as on Saturday 6th, a vehicle transporting tourists was involved in a car crash. 

What happened?

The accident took place on the highway connecting Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Known as the Transpeninsular Highway, this is the busiest road in the municipality as it is used by all the tourists landing at the nearby airport. 

The downtown of Cabo San Lucas, seen from the sea

More specifically, the crash happened at the intersection of the area known as Cabo Real and involved a cargo truck and a vehicle transporting tourists. 

At the moment, it’s still unclear how the accident took place. Luckily, it seems that no one was injured, but more information needs to be collected. Local authorities are now carrying out the necessary investigations. 

Unfortunately, road accidents in Los Cabos have doubled in 2023. According to Julio Castillo, the Head of the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, this municipality has registered a total of 950 accidents in the period from January 2023 to October 2023. 

Cliffs near Los Cabos arch on a sunny day

Commenting on these numbers, he stated: “Perhaps there are four to five accidents a day, some small and others major”. But why is mobility such an issue in Los Cabos? 

Why is mobility one of the tourists’ main concerns? 

There are several reasons why tourists keep complaining about the mobility in Los Cabos. First and foremost, the conditions of the road

These are, unfortunately, very poor, with potholes scattered in most streets of the municipality. Some roads are not even asphalted, and important infrastructure such as traffic lighting and traffic lights are often turned off or not working properly. 

Skyline of Los Cabos seen from the sea on a sunny day

Another main issue is the lack of proper education regarding road safety. Plenty of people in the area keep going well beyond the speed limits and drive recklessly from one city to another. 

Last but not least, traffic is a constant issue affecting plenty of tourists in the area. With traffic lights often not working and several streets in constant need of repair, it is not too surprising that large traffic jams often occur in the municipality. 

Despite this, it’s important to keep in mind that Los Cabos is still one of the safest municipalities in Mexico, and tourists heading here shouldn’t worry too much about their safety.

What is the Los Cabos government doing to improve Los Cabos’ mobility? 

Daytime street scene of San José del Cabo’s historic city center.

Thankfully, the local government is constantly trying to improve local mobility with a number of measures. 

For instance, last year the Permanent Pothole Program was put in place to improve some of the most deteriorating streets in the municipality. 

Workers employed in this initiative worked on fixing potholes, cleaning sidewalks, painting curbs, and reestablishing public lighting. Thanks to this program over 1,000 potholes were fixed throughout the municipality. 

Late afternoon sun highlights the Friars rock formation at Land's End, on the Baja Peninsula at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

On top of this, the local government also decided to drastically decrease the speed limits from 90km/h to 60 km/h on the Transpeninsular Highway. 

Local authorities have also worked on several projects to speed up traffic in the busiest areas. This was done by employing personnel to replace traffic lights for certain periods of time in order to give more fluidity to traffic. 

In December, the Los Cabos government also decided to add five new toll road booths on the Transpeninsular Highway, increasing the number from three to eight. 

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico, 2 October, 2021 Los Cabos colorful letters in Cabo San Lucas marina a departure point for cruises, marlin fishing and lancha boats to El Arco Arch and beaches

Commenting on this initiative, the Head of the Technical Services Unit of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation, Manuel de Jesús Anaya Saucedo, declared: “The mobility points that are constantly raised within the table were considered. In particular, the issue of the toll booths on the CAPUFE toll road was discussed, which brings up the issue of expanding the booths.”

Despite these measures, however, mobility in Los Cabos remains one of the main concerns for the many people visiting this area. Hopefully, the government will keep trying its best to improve the situation in 2024.  

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