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Los Cabos Is One Of The Top International Destinations For Americans This Summer

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Los Cabos continues to captivate American travelers, this year taking the number 2 spot in the Allianz Travel Report — a study that tells us in plain terms exactly where Americans are choosing to vacation this summer.

Los Cabos Is One Of The Top International Destinations For Americans This Summer

While Cancun retained the number 1 spot this year, Los Cabos is catching up fast. Huge strides have been made this past 12 months to offer an even better experience than ever to Americans.

This is why Los Cabos is a top destination for Americans searching for the perfect vacation.

Luxury Fit For Royalty

Los Cabos has, since its beginning, offered a luxury-focused vacation to Americans in need of de-stressing and recharging their batteries.

The resorts and hotels here offer only the finest in cuisine, and the many top resort restaurants are home to internationally renowned chefs who prepare the flavors of Mexico and beyond.

As well as dining, the resort wellness scene in Los Cabos is next-level. Offering spa treatments inspired by ancient traditions coupled with modern techniques to provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

A picture of the famous sea arch in Cabo taken from a restaurant balcony across the bay

The Ultimate Beach Experience

While Los Cabos has its busy beaches, travelers aren’t left with no options when they want to beat the crowds.

There are endless miles of beaches branching out from Los Cabos in both directions, and each one feels as beautiful as the last.

Everyone envisions their vacation a little; differently, some prefer to keep things light and breezy and just soak up the sun’s rays.

While others want to get in the water and kayak, swim, or snorkel their way through the ocean wonderland that surrounds Los Cabos.

Well, both of those desires and everything in between have a home here. And all with a backdrop that never fails to impress.

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A woman in a sea kayak paddling

More Than Just A Quiet Retreat

While the relaxing setting of Los Cabos and its superb resorts are a huge draw for travelers, the destination is far from a boring retreat.

As the sun sets over the stunning Pacific coastline, the city awakens with an electric vibe and provides an unforgettable experience for every party-loving traveler.

A pool party at night in los cabos

Furthermore, Los Cabos is home to more than just run-of-the-mill nightclubs.

World-renowned DJs flock here in the high seasons to play for the electric crowds, especially during spring break when Los Cabos shows off its real wild side.

But there’s fun to be had for more than just intoxicated college students. There’s a river of old-school rock and country music that runs through Los Cabos. From music festivals to rock bars, there’s something for everyone when the sun sets.

Country music festival in Cabo

A Stone’s Throw From Home

Getting to Los Cabos is super easy for most Americans as the airport has great connectivity across the whole of the contiguous United States.

And flight times to here are a breeze; for example, from Los Angeles to Los Cabos is a flash in the pan at just 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Faster than Los Angeles traffic during rush hour…

Departures board at Los Cabos International Airport showing flights to US cities

Security For All

It’s no secret Mexico has a bit of a reputation when it comes to its security situation. But in a country as big as Mexico, it’s only natural that the situation varies massively across the nation.

Los Cabos is situated in the state of Baja California Sur, which has just one short land border with mainland Mexico.

This geography has shielded Los Cabos from a lot of the issues seen across the rest of the nation, as seen recently when in January, conflict erupted in the state of Sinaloa.

As soon as the “you know what” hit the fan, Baja California Sur shut down all ferry and flight access from the affected areas. This shield allowed travelers’ vacations to continue as usual in Los Cabos.

Tourist police in Mexico walking in a crowd

But it isn’t just an accident of geography that protects this super popular destination. The security services here are held to much higher standards than in other states.

Los Cabos knows and appreciates how important security is to travelers, and just in the last year alone, an almost endless stream of policing improvements and initiatives have been put in place to build on the areas already great reputation.

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