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Bonfires Temporarily Suspended On Los Cabos Beaches

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Civil protection authorities in Los Cabos have effectively banned the lighting of bonfires on Cabo beaches. At least until the end of Easter week.

People around bonfire on a beach

This has been done in an effort to avoid potential accidents that could put both tourists and buildings in the area at risk.

Authorities mentioned that bonfire accidents had been registered in the past, and they want to avoid them completely this year. 

Civil protection staff are going to be roaming the main beaches in Los Cabos to try and enforce this suspension.

Many people on a beach filled with umbrellas

The head of Civil Protection in Los Cabos, Leticia Rivera, mentioned that the ban is also being enforced to try and protect campers on Cabo beaches. Rivera mentioned, 

“Just like ZOFEMAT informed, it’s important that people camping on beaches avoid setting up bonfires. We don’t want campers to put themselves at risk as well as potentially contaminate the area. We’ve had accidents in previous years because people leave these bonfires unattended.”

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group of friends camping on the beach

Isn’t Camping Banned In Cabo Beaches?

The statement made by the director of Civil Protection, Leticia Rivera, actually brought up more questions than answers. She talked about the security of “campers” when camping is effectively banned on most Cabo beaches.

Particularly those beaches that are classified as blue flag beaches — precisely because there’s this notion that campers will set up bonfires and leave other types of trash and debris on the beaches. 

Los Cabos Authorites fear Campers Will Leave Beaches Dirty

While it is true that there’s typically more leniency during Easter week for people who want to set up a “camp” on the beach, authorities can still remove people from the beach for camping. Especially if they plan to stay overnight.

Throughout this weekend, though, it would seem that authorities are going to allow people to set up chairs and other things on Cabo beaches to spend the day with a bit more leniency.

Bonfires, though, are going to be excessively policed throughout the next few days. 

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

Tourists who want to avoid any potential altercations with police would do well to refrain from setting up bonfires. Perhaps without a bonfire, authorities will be more willing to allow tourists to remain on the beach for longer than usual. B

eaches like El Medano have also set up security checkpoints at the entrance to these beaches. Authorities are really hoping to ensure that tourists don’t access the beach with anything that will allow them to set up a bonfire in the first place.    

Police Cabo Vendor

Tourists Are Also Being Urged To Keep Beaches Clean To Not Endanger WildLife

Friday at El Medano beach started out with a few surprises.

One of them was the presence of a turtle who decided to lay its eggs right beside a row of beach chairs that had been set up in one of the private areas of the beach.

Since this incident happened rather early in the morning, it luckily took place before many people had had a chance to set up on the beach chairs.

A wildlife specialist was called and was able to remove the eggs from the area and place them in an incubator for safekeeping. 

Turtle nesting on a beach

After this event, travelers are reminded about being mindful of the wildlife that is present on Cabo beaches.

For the most part, the peak months of the turtle nesting season in Cabo take place from August through November.

As was shown Friday morning, though, it’s still possible for some turtles to lay their eggs during the spring.

The ban on bonfires is also a measure to try and prevent any type of harm to the wildlife in the area.

snorkeling with colorful fish in Cabo

Cabo Beaches Aren’t Exactly Perfect For Swimming In The Next Few Days         

Another warning that was emitted by authorities has to do with the conditions of the sea in many of Los Cabos’ main beaches.

Heading into the weekend, there were yellow and red flags waving on many of the most popular beaches in the region.

This means that beachgoers can expect high waves and choppy waters. Travelers are being urged to follow the instructions given out by the lifeguards on duty. In order to avoid any accidents over the next few days.

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