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Los Cabos Gets Serious About Beach Safety: Cleaner, More Patrolled

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Most people heading to Los Cabos do so to make the most out of the mild weather typical of this area by spending their days in one of many renowned beaches found here. 

From El Medano to El Chileno and Santa Maria Beach, Los Cabos tourists are spoiled for choices. 

Beach in Los Cabos

But with thousands of visitors now flocking to this Mexican municipality due to spring break season, the local government has decided to adopt a few extra safety measures to keep its beaches safe. 

More Surveillance 

According to local news, the Director of the Tax Inspection in Los Cabos, Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez, declared that surveillance in the most popular beaches in the area has recently increased. 

Playa el Chileno Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Different stages of the fantastic ocean waves. Rocky and sandy beach

This was done to reduce the number of street vendors carrying out their illegal activities at the expense of tourists. On top of this, police will also ensure no minor will be forced to work during the tourist season, something which unfortunately happened in the past. 

According to the Director of the Tax Inspection in Los Cabos, security patrols will be regularly reinforced in most tourist areas of the municipality, including El Medano Beach and the Marina of Cabo San Lucas. 

Commenting on this issue, in a recent interview, Luis Ovidio Marroquín Gómez stated: “So far this year we have drawn up 15 reports on minors, which have been handed over to the police (…).”

Crystal blue water at Palmilla beach

He later added: “We must work hand in hand with all the institutions to prevent the hawking of minors; although we are overwhelmed with street vendors who do not have a permit, there are also minors selling.”

In this regard, the Comprehensive Protection System for Girls, Boys, and Adolescents (SIPINNA) of Los Cabos and the Directorate of Fsical Inspection have already collaborated on several initiatives to prevent child labor from taking place in the municipality. 

Cleaner than ever

According to local news, the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT) is now reinforcing cleaning operations in Los Cabos’ most popular beaches. Cleaning operations begin every day at 6:00 am and end at 10:00 pm.

Waves in the Pacific Ocean in Finisterra at the end of the Baja in Cabo San Lucas

These services are fundamental not only to ensuring local ecosystems remain healthy but also to preventing people from getting injured. 

With plenty of bathers walking barefoot on Los Cabos beaches daily, pieces of glass or other sharp objects left behind by inattentive tourists may cause serious injuries. 

Despite the extra cleaning operations, the local government also reminded visitors and locals alike to avoid leaving trash behind and always make use of the garbage bins found throughout the municipality. 

Some safety recommendations

Beach in Cabo San Lucas

While the Los Cabos government is implementing new measures to keep tourists safe, visitors are still asked to follow certain recommendations while visiting local beaches. 

The most recent list was provided by Joel Castro, a lifeguard working in Playa Chileno.

First of all, bathers are asked to get acquainted with the information modules which can often be found on the rescue towers.

Apart from this, visitors should learn the flag color warning system used in Los Cabos.

This is so that foreigners can know at all times whether a certain area is safe or not depending on which flag they found on its shores. In general, red and black flags represent high levels of danger, and with these, tourists should never enter the water. 

Red flag on beach in Los Cabos

Yellow flags allow bathers to access the sea provided they exercise high levels of caution, while white flags indicate the presence of dangerous animals in the ocean. 

Joel Castro also stresses the importance of being extremely cautious when it comes to children. For instance, while Chileno Beach may seem safe thanks to its tranquil water, waves can sometimes get very strong.

This, in combination with the depth of the water, may lead to dangerous conditions for young children, especially for those who still need to master their swimming skills. For this reason, adults are asked to always supervise their children when spending time at the beach.  

Aerial of beach front properties in Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

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