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Los Cabos First Responders Deploy Drone Technology To Protect Visitors

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First responders in Los Cabos are deploying new technology to keep the beaches safer for visitors to the Mexican beach resort destination.

New state-of-the-art drone technology will now be available to aid in search and rescue missions both on the land and in the ocean surrounding Los Cabos.

The Eye in the Sky

drone flying in sky

The new technology will allow first responders to better protect citizens on the beaches of Los Cabos. It will especially be helpful for getting a visual on divers and snorkelers in the water.

Using the drone technology with the new firefighting boat that’s been launched by the Los Cabos Fire Department will enable first responders to easily get a visual above boat fires on the sea or over a building on the land.

It will also come in handy when visitors get themselves in sticky situations while hiking, such as when a recent group of tourists got stranded climbing the rocks near the Lands End arch.

The Arch and Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Emergency teams had to use ropes and pullies to get the climbers down when they could get down themselves after climbing up the rocks. They could have completed a better early evaluation of the scene and incident if the new technology had been available.

Likewise, it will also come in handy for tourists needing emergency response assistance on hikes and in more remote areas of Los Cabos.

The technology will also be a benefit in the event of a hurricane search and rescue situation in Los Cabos, as this year is expected to be a relatively rough hurricane season for the beach resort destination.

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Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain during a strong storm.

The Latest Technology

The new drones have some of the most advanced search and rescue technology available to enable Los Cabos emergency personnel to quickly get a visual of a scene and determine the best method to provide aid to the affected tourist.

They are equipped with heat-sensing thermal camera technology that could help Los Cabos emergency crews detect a lost hiker in a remote area. It can also come in handy to find a missing person.

Travelers Dealing With An Injury On A Hiking Trail

The drones also have 4k wide-angle cameras and 48-megapixel zoom cameras that can come in handy for quickly analyzing an emergency situation and surveying the need for additional assistance.

The Community Funds the Purchase

More than 450,000 pesos were raised in Los Cabos to provide funding for advanced drone technology.

Fire Truck On Beach

A total of 150,000 pesos were raised during a community-wide “Dancing With Catrina” support event to provide new technology for the Los Cabos Fire Department.

Additional support for the drone technology came from additional donors, such as the founder of a large sportfishing event and the mayor of Los Cabos.

What it Means For Tourists

Tourists in the beach resort community can feel more secure that search and rescue teams can better serve their needs in the event of an emergency in Los Cabos.


If a tourist gets stranded on a hike or has an incident out in the ocean, first responders will be able to assist quicker and be able to better address the needs of the visitor with the visual assistance of the new drone technology.

Los Cabos officials are currently testing the new drones to speed emergency response and expect the first big test of the quick response technology to come during the upcoming Pacific Ocean hurricane season starting on May 15.

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