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Los Cabos One Of The Top International Destinations Americans Are Interested In Through May

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The next six weeks should be pretty busy for tourism in Los Cabos, according to a recent report from the travel search engine Tripadvisor.

According to their data, Cabo San Lucas was one of the top ten destinations searched by both United States and global visitors looking for international travel destinations through the end of May.

Cabo San Lucas

Popular Search Destination

For travelers looking to travel to an international destination through May 31, Cabo San Lucas was the third most searched tourist destination for United States visitors.

It was followed by Cancun, which ranked first, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, which ranked second.

However, it did rank above cities like No. 4 Paris, No. 5 Playa Del Carmen, No. 6 London, and even No. 8 Puerto Vallarta.

Packed Cancun Beach

Globally, Cabo San Lucas was tenth in the world for vacation destination searches through the end of May. Paris topped the global list, with Cancun coming in second.

What This Means For Los Cabos

This is good news for tourism in Los Cabos because it is a recognition that the awareness of Cabo San Lucas as a global beach resort destination brand is growing and being recognized by travelers not only in the United States but also globally.

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Post with the supposed directions in which different states are from Los Cabos

This is in part due to the efforts of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust and the Los Cabos International Airport to gain international flights and passengers from beyond the two key markets of the United States and Canada.

In fact, tourism from Spain to Los Cabos via IberoJet has been on the increase this year.

Diversifying The Tourist Base

YVR Vancouver Airport

Adding additional flights to international markets will help to diversify the tourist base for visitors to Los Cabos. Both the Los Cabos Tourist Trust and the Los Cabos International Airport have been focused on this effort recently.

Also the focus on attracting new tourist segments will also help diversify the tourism base in Los Cabos.

Recently, the focus has been on creating more amenities and luxury-style accommodations that appeal to a more upscale traveler. Those travelers tend to spend more money on their vacations and typically travel for a longer period of time.

Luxury Villas Los Cabos

This shift in tourism focus is centered on the three pillars of wellness, nature and sustainability.

So far, this repositioning of Los Cabos away from its traditional party town perception has been well received by visitors from both the United States and Canada.

It also connects well with the travel patterns of long-haul international travelers who tend to spend more and stay longer because of the time involved with travel from locations such as Asia and Europe.

What This Means For Travelers

Woman teeing off on golf course

For visitors to Los Cabos, this recognition factor on a global scale will help attract more upscale amenities and accommodations to the beach resort community.

In fact, recent reports about new resorts and championship-style golf courses are just the tip of the iceberg in this effort to add more services for tourists in Los Cabos.

It could also lead to the expansion of additional flights to the area, including the potential for new airlines.

Iberojet from Spain taxiing on runway

However, it also may come with some tradeoffs for visitors.

The increase in visitation will mean more traffic and more people in the main tourist areas of Los Cabos. The town is already feeling much of this with the impacts of the recent spring travel season.

It also could mean limited availability for flights and hotel rooms, along with higher fares and room rates.

For some visitors that like the smaller and more traditional Mexico beach community feel, they may be more inclined to spend some time in nearby La Paz, which is a quick two-hour drive from Los Cabos.

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