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Travelers Detained At Los Cabos Airport After Altercation With Security

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Last Friday, a couple was detained at the Los Cabos airport after an altercation with security officers that were stationed there.

According to the official report, Daniel, and Roma Alejandra, a couple that had presumably arrived in Los Cabos earlier in the day, got into a verbal altercation with security.

Los Cabos International Airport

Exactly what the couple and the police were arguing about is unclear. 

What has been disclosed is that the pair verbally and then physically attacked two state police officers at the airport.

Since the officers were state police, this does not seem to be an issue over entry into the country. In that case, the couple would’ve been at odds with an immigration officer.

According to the report, the couple was detained after the verbal agreement ended with one of the officers getting punched in the face.

Lines at immigration at an airport

It’s estimated that the officer will make a full recovery after 15 days from the injuries sustained.

The injuries and the altercation as a whole were deemed serious enough to have the couple charged with assault on a member of the authorities.

The two were booked and put in a local penitentiary where they were set to await their trial.

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Tourist police station in Mexico

The Potential Legal Consequences That The Couple Is Facing

When the State Police released information about these two people being detained, which they have to do to fulfill their own protocols, they also launched a warning to other travelers or locals.

In an effort to ensure that this particular story can serve as a teaching point to people in Los Cabos. The State Police mentioned that violence is not the solution and went on to warn people that assaulting an officer can lead to serious legal consequences. 

police car in mexico

In this case, after being detained, the couple was brought before what is known as a “qualifying judge”.

This is going to be the same authority that people have to face for virtually any misdemeanor that they commit in Los Cabos or other parts of Mexico.

Any disorderly conduct charge on a drunk escapade can lead to tourists being brought before this judge. 

Entrance To The Mexico Supreme Court Building

This “qualification judge” will dictate the severity of the action and impose a fine, community service, or, like in the case of the couple, declaring a start to the formal investigation of the matter.

That usually comes with jail time. In this case, the couple arrested at the airport are facing at least 2 months behind bars as the investigation takes place. 

The judge has ordered that they cannot contact the victim who is a major setback for the couple.

Los Cabos International Airport

The Physical Nature Of The Assault Is What Puts This Couple In A Very Tough Spot 

Naturally, not all of the altercations with Cabo police should lead to 2 months behind bars.

In this particular case, the physical altercation which is being alleged by the state police is really what’s putting this couple in a tough spot.

Ultimately the investigation will determine exactly what took place and, therefore, what punishment these people are going to be facing. 

Police officers detaining People at private party

The teaching point for other tourists could be that you want to avoid physical altercations with police no matter what.

According to the official documents, in this case, the police officer was punched in the face and sustained injuries.

When it comes to altercations directly with police in Cabo or virtually anywhere in the world, that’s just not a situation that you want to find yourself in.

Particularly if you’re a tourist in a foreign country. 

municipal police patrolling the streets of a Mexican town

If you’re ever in Cabo and find yourself in an argument with police, it is best to comply and not resist any reasonable demands from the officer.

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