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Los Cabos Enforcing Staff Facial Coverings For Tourist Safety At Restaurants

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For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic may be more of a distant memory. Especially for those enjoying their spring vacation in the Mexican destination resort of Los Cabos.

Man wearing a mask preparing chicken

However, officials with the Los Cabos municipal government are still busy working to keep visitors safe by enforcing face-covering rules for locals working in the food service business.

Cover It Up!

The fact is that even though COVID-19 may not be as dangerous as before due to the vaccines, the virus is still present and spreading through communities.

Wearing a facial covering, especially when serving food, can help cut back on the potential transmission of any COVID-19 viruses.

Even more important, it is still good hygiene to wear a face covering when serving food because of the many other more common diseases currently in transmission, such as flu and the common cold.

Tourists at airport

However, many foodservice workers in the area have suspended wearing a facial covering since the virus threat has been reduced, the temperature has heated up and the local authorities recently cancelled parts of the local mask wearing mandate.

Ending The Mask Requirement

It has been a few weeks since the Los Cabos municipal government ended the mandatory wearing of facial covering for workers except those employed in food service or medical trades.

However, the compliance of workers actually wearing their facial coverings, especially those that cook the food, has been on the decline.

Dr. Zazil Flores Aldape with the Los Cabos Ministry of Health is stepping up enforcement and spot inspections of local restaurants, especially those in the tourist zone, to make sure that no tourists are put at risk of any airborne disease while consuming food in a local restaurant.

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Waiter sanitizing restaurant table

According to Dr. Zazil Flores Aldape, the focus of facial covering enforcement is not only for the prevention of transmission of the COVID-19 virus but for all airborne gastrointestinal diseases that are present today.

While there have not been any issues with recent transmission of diseases, the viruses are always present and with so many tourists in town, the extra protection is a prudent move to keep everyone safe.

Standard Health and Hygiene Standards

Women wearing masks at grocery store

Pandemic aside, it is standard health and hygiene standards in the foodservice industry to wear facial coverings and hair nets when preparing food.

It also demonstrates to the tourists eating at the restaurant that the location is focused on food safety and keeping its guests safe from disease.

From that standpoint alone, simply the wearing of facial coverings provides a perception of extra protection for visitors to Los Cabos.

Woman wearing a mask

Not complying with the health and hygiene safety code can be expensive.

Not only can the worker be fined for not following the proper health and safety procedures, but the restaurant can also be fined and potentially shut down for repeat violations.

The idea around the enforcement action by the Los Cabos Ministry of Health is education first.

Waitress in high end restaurant

Most workers and restaurants simply remark that they have forgotten about the facial covering mandate for foodservice workers and quickly resolve the issue without further incident.

Here Comes The Sun

The wearing of facial coverings, especially among kitchen staff, is going to be an increasing issue in Los Cabos restaurants.

The Los Cabos Ministry of Health understands that the wearing of facial coverings is going to become more challenging as the weather starts to heat up and the humidity increases.

Restaurant Kitchen Cabo

It is even more unpleasant to be working in a hot kitchen in Los Cabos during this time, especially with the requirement to wear a sweaty facial covering.

However, local authorities point out that the reduction in the transmission of airborne and gastrointestinal diseases is the obligation of every foodservice worker in Los Cabos in order to keep everybody safe, especially valued guests.

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