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Why Los Cabos All-Inclusives Will Be An Even Better Deal This Year

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The all-inclusive resorts are looking like a better option for many travelers heading to the beach resort vacation getaway of Los Cabos this year.

While the initial price of an all-inclusive resort may come as a shock to many budget-oriented travelers, when tourists start adding up all of the costs of outside amenities, all-inclusive resorts may actually provide a compelling value.

Prices Climbing in Local Restaurants

View from La Oficina restaurant of diners, tables and the ocean with boats beyond in the popular Medano Beach area.

As an example, local news reports in Los Cabos are saying that the local restaurants are stretched thin and will be forced to raise prices for tourists this year.

The average price of a restaurant meal in Los Cabos is expected to increase anywhere between five and twenty percent, based on the costs of the individual restaurant.

For travelers outside of all-inclusive properties, that means that the price of their beach vacation getaway meals in Los Cabos can go up 20 percent. Better put more money in that budget.

Many travelers hack the system by applying for a travel credit card that offers rewards points or miles on dining purchases, which can help offset the increased costs. Learn which fits your travel style best HERE.

Grand Velas Los Cabos All-Inclusive Resort

What’s Behind the Increase?

The reason for the price increase is due to an approximately 100 percent increase in what Los Cabos restaurants call the “basic basket”.

Additional price hikes on electricity and propane fuel are also having an effect on the restaurant prices in Los Cabos that are passed on to tourists.

The price hikes at restaurants will be gradual so as to not shock visitors to the beach resort community as much as an all-at-once increase.

Tourists Dining at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

Meanwhile, all-inclusive resort properties so far plan to keep prices steady for travelers because they can shift expenses elsewhere in the customer experience.

That would make the all-inclusives a better overall value for budget-oriented consumers in Los Cabos. This will especially be the case if travelers eat out a lot and would be exposed to the increased prices at local restaurants.

Popularity Increasing in Los Cabos

a luxury villa in a los cabos resort

Yes, several of the higher-end luxury all-inclusive can be incredibly expensive. However, there are some others that can be very competitive to a typical vacation getaway to Los Cabos when the typical traveler’s budget is considered as a whole.

Because of this, in the last few years there has been an increase in traveler demand for all-inclusive resorts and several new properties have come online or are scheduled to do so this year.

For example, the St. Regis by Marriott opened last year, and the brand-new Park Hyatt resort is scheduled to open this summer in Cabo del Sol.

Park Hyatt Los Cabos fire pit

Be prepared for a price shock when looking at prices, especially during the peak spring and winter holiday season.

However, compare them looking at the entire travel budget for a trip, including eating out, and they might just provide a smart value.

Tips for Travelers

Travelers to Los Cabos will have to open their wallets and purses a bit more to pay for a vacation getaway to Los Cabos. That will especially be the case when considering the five to twenty percent meal price increases expected in local restaurants catering to tourists.

Couple Eating at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

That fact is making all-inclusive resorts a more compelling value for visitors to the beach resort hotspot.

When looking at the entire budget of a vacation, including the quality meals provided at all-inclusive resorts instead of eating out, travelers may just realize the exceptional value provided at all-inclusive resorts.

However, for the best value, travelers should always book their all-inclusive resort well in advance and review the cancellation rules for the reservation. Earlier booking ensures that travelers can choose from the best resorts available and get the best price as well.

Because of the significant price of booking an all-inclusive resort, travelers may want to have travel insurance to protect themselves against loss.

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