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Los Cabos Boosting Lifeguard Presence After 9 Rescues In One Weekend

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The beautiful destination of Los Cabos was reminded this last weekend of the significant dangers of the ocean.

A total of nine swimmers were found to be in distress and in need of rescue, a significant number for just one weekend.

Los Cabos Boosting Lifeguard Presence After 9 Rescues In One Weekend

In response, the local government has decided to bolster the number of lifeguards on the beaches of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos’ Lifeguards

This increase is believed to be in anticipation of the seasonal Easter influx of tourists to the area, as well as the record-breaking number of travelers estimated to visit Los Cabos throughout the Spring/Summer season.

Los Cabos has a professional lifeguard team on hand across its popular beaches all year round, which is administered by the ZOFEMAT (General Directorate of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone).

This governmental organization works hard to ensure its public services meet the demands present in Los Cabos, and they have a superb track record for staying ahead of the curve regarding the need for staffing increases and training.

Lifeguards float in the sand

Reason For The Increase

As mentioned, the ZOFEMAT has a reputation for staying one step ahead where their responsibilities are concerned, and this decision to increase lifeguard numbers is beyond question considering the 9 rescues performed in one weekend.

Los Cabos is built on tourism, and this reliance on tourism means that the safety of travelers who arrive to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation is paramount to the authorities.

This has led to Los Cabos having some of the most proactive local authorities in the whole of Mexico.

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Lifeguard looking at the waves on a beach

Los Cabos Most Important Service?

It probably comes as no surprise that Los Cabos has a lifeguard service, they’re a mainstay of any beach destination the world over.

But, the importance of highly trained and professional lifeguards in Los Cabos can’t be underestimated. The area often produces some of the most difficult and life-threatening swimming conditions found anywhere in the Americas.

No one doubts the importance of the security personnel in Los Cabos, with both the police and military working tirelessly to keep the area one of the safest in Mexico.

But the ocean here statistically offers a much greater threat to the lives of visitors, sadly claiming many victims over the years.

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Why They Are So Busy

Lifeguards in Los Cabos have highly demanding jobs due to the extreme natural conditions found in the destination.

Many of the beaches here have deceptively short shelves, meaning a bather may in areas walk into the ocean waist-deep, only to abruptly find themselves needing to tread water as the ocean bed dives down 30+ feet.

There are few areas with a gradual increase in the water depth. But it isn’t the need to swim that makes Los Cabos beaches dangerous; it’s the conditions this drastic change in the underwater landscape creates.

The strong tidal currents that come in from the open ocean don’t have their power stripped by a gradual rise in the ocean bed.

Large Waves

Furthermore, this means the waves that reach the Los Cabos shore are often very powerful, leaving as fast as they arrive and creating dangerous undercurrents that pull inexperienced swimmers out to the open water.

With these extreme conditions, the lifeguards earn every dollar. Their knowledge of where the undercurrents and riptides are and which areas of the beach are most dangerous allows them to advise swimmers on where is safe before their services are even needed.

But in the event that an individual is in distress, they react quickly and know how to best approach the complicated conditions to rescue unsuspecting swimmers.

two lifeguards on a quad at the beach

What Beaches Are Safe To Swim

The following beaches are famed in Los Cabos for being not just safe for swimming but also some of the most beautiful the area has to offer:

  • Medano Beach.
  • Lover’s Beach.
  • Cannery Beach.
  • Santa Maria Beach.
  • Chileno Beach.
  • Tequila Cove.
  • Palmilla Beach.
  • El Ganzo Beach.
  • Playa Acapulquito

Although the above beaches are amazing swimming spots, it should be remembered that the powerful Pacific Ocean has the ability to make the whole coastline unfit for swimming.

Beach Warning Flag

The presence of the beach flag system in the destination means travelers always receive the most up-to-date advice on how safe the swimming conditions currently are. Always adhere to these flags, and never go swimming in difficult conditions.

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