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Los Cabos Authorities Reinforce Security To Keep Tourists Safe

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Los Cabos is now fully in its high season, with thousands of tourists arriving to this destination every day. 

But as tourist numbers keep increasing, so do scams. This is why the local authorities decided to reinforce security in the most popular areas of the municipality. 

Boats in the Cabo San Lucas marina with mountain in the background on a sunny day

But how exactly will these new measures be put in place? 

The announcement 

Los Cabos authorities recently announced that they are working together with the National Guard, State Police, and SEMAR to reinforce surveillance in shopping centers, especially around ATMs and banks. 

This decision was taken as the winter festivities in Los Cabos are the period of the year in which most people receive bonuses, meaning that locals will be more likely to withdraw huge amounts of cash. 

Mexican Police Officers in Riot Gear outside building in Zocalo Square, Mexico City

Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez, the General Director of Public Security in Los Cabos, explained that police officers have been assigned to patrol some of the busiest areas in the municipality during peak hours to deter acts of criminality. 

Talking about the initiative, he declared: “We established police officers at fixed points in the different shopping centers, which are the busiest points, during the hours of greatest influx of personnel, in order to deter any criminal activity. Especially now, during the season in which people begin to withdraw bonuses or money in large quantities.”

Los Cabos arch with boat of tourists approaching

He added: “We also have already established surveillance towers in shopping centers such as Plaza Patio, Guaymitas, and all those establishments that we consider in some way to have greater staff attendance”. 

A few safety advice

Despite the increased safety measures, local authorities recommend tourists and locals alike always to exercise extreme caution when withdrawing money, especially large amounts. 

Tourists are asked not to trust people wanting to help them with ATM operations, and authorities suggest people withdraw money at safe times accompanied by someone they fully trust. 

Mexican police car in Loreto and Santa Rosalia area

Not by chance, according to official data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, the number of robberies in Los Cabos has increased by 29% in 2023.

Is Los Cabos safe? 

Considering the new safety measures, people planning to travel to this stunning destination soon may now be wondering whether this Mexican area is safe. Luckily, the answer is yes. 

Report after report keeps ranking Los Cabos as one of the safest municipalities in the country. This is due to a main reason. Most of the people living here live out of tourism. 

El Chileno Beach in Cabo San Lucas

This means that if all of a sudden, safety levels were to drop drastically, most tourists would opt for an alternative destination to spend their holidays.

This will result in a massive economic crisis for the vast majority of the Los Cabos population, the main reason why local authorities have made it their number one priority to guarantee high safety levels at all times. 

New initiatives are being put in place every week to protect tourists and locals alike from the most recent scams and other criminal acts. 

People using an ATM in Mexico

For instance, a few days ago, the Green Angels, a group of drivers providing free – yes, we said free! – roadside assistance to drivers experiencing difficulties received eight new vehicles to keep helping tourists in need.

Commenting on this generous initiative, Green Angels Head of Services Jesús David Ortega Castro declared: “We receive more than vehicles; we receive tools that allow us to expand our reach and improve the effectiveness of our operations.”

But this is only one of the many initiatives to keep protecting tourists during this winter season. 

Los Cabos Resort with Tourists and Cars in the Background.

To give another example, less than a week ago, the Los Cabos government launched a lifeguard safety operation to keep visitors safe while enjoying the best beaches in the area. 

This new operation started on December 16th and will end on January 7th, when most tourists will leave Los Cabos. 

Even though most beaches in the municipality are constantly patrolled by experts, thanks to this initiative, an additional 300 naval guards will keep an eye on these areas.

Lifeguard looking at the waves on a beach

On top of this, rescue boats will assist lifeguards in case of emergencies.

The last announcement aiming to reinforce security in the main shopping centers, ATMs, and banks is just one of the many initiatives whose aim is to constantly increase Los Cabos’ safety levels, allowing tourists to enjoy their holidays in all safety. 

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