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Los Cabos Authorities Launch Operations To Keep Beaches Safe

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Looking to make visits to popular beaches pleasant, Los Cabos authorities have agreed to up security and increase surveillance. Recently, beaches like El Médano have experienced an uptick in crime, especially those targeting tourists. One event in particular shed light on the overwhelming number of vendors along the beach, which lead to brawls in broad daylight. Another involved excursion scams where fake vendors would attempt to sell activities that didn’t exists. Authorities agree that more needs to be done, which is why they have launched several initiatives targeting specific common crimes.

Police officer on the beach

Among the many to notice the increase were Los Cabos business owners, especially those who benefit from the skyrocketing number of tourists. Bar and restaurant owners condemned the sale of “illegal” merchandise by beach vendors, which includes beer. For business owners, it’s not just about losing a few bucks to unlicensed competition, it’s also about the overall disorder due to lack of enforced regulations.

Beach vendors setting up displays in the sand

Just weeks earlier, authorities launched initiatives to distinguish licensed and unlicensed vendors, using a QR code. Vendors had a few weeks to register, after which time they would be fined if caught attempting to sell. It was not only a way for police to keep track of legal vendors but also ensure tourists that they’re buying from a legitimate vendor. The QR code was made specifically for certain vendors and cannot be shared among multiple to try and get away without paying the necessary fees for licenses.

Beach vendor walking with blankets

Attempting to slip through the cracks of this initiative, some illegal vendors caught by authorities tried to set up shop at other points along the beach after given a warning. However, due to increased presence and a QR codes for identification, they were soon discovered and asked to leave the area immediately thanks to increased police presence.

Police checking beach vendor merchandise

After reports of scammers selling fake excursions, authorities took swift action and added more guards near the marina. If suspicious activity was observed, violators were taken in and either fined or served time in jail for their crimes. Once kicking off these initiatives, reports of fraudulent tourism sales sharply declined, especially those that resulted in property theft.

Marina police observing clothing vendor

Restaurants, bars, and Los Cabos authorities teamed up to tackle the area’s issue with drunk driving, placing breathalyzers in valet parking areas and only permitting guests to drive if under the legal limit. A taxi or transport service is then called for those who cannot not pass a breathalyzer. Both accommodation services and transportation services were on board, though it’s not yet an industry-wide service.

Woman exiting taxi

Another phenomenon on the road is speeding and cell phone use while driving, both of which authorities have vowed to crack down on. Instead of letting drivers slide if using their cell phone or traveling over the speed limit, authorities agreed to reenforce the law, both for Los Cabos residents and tourists. In Mexico, the laws of the country apply to visitors too, and violators will be held accountable.

Police car stopping a van

These initiatives have significantly affected illegal activity, resulting in an overall safer and more pleasant stay for residents and guests.  Increased surveillance and a more prominent authority presence have caused a downward trend in crime rates, which officials hope to see continue. Due to the success of these programs, authorities have agreed to continue to push for more initiatives as well as initiate new, creative ways to combat crimes as they come along. The goal is to make Los Cabs an enjoyable and safe place for all, reducing the occurrence of crimes on the road, on the beach, and near the area’s tourist corridor.