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Los Cabos Authorities Intensify Inspections On Main Beaches To Keep Tourists Safe

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With the arrival of the high season and the winter holidays, the Los Cabos government has decided to increase controls in the municipality to keep tourists and locals safe.

Apart from increasing the number of police officers in the area, local authorities have decided to carry out controls in both the urban and central areas of the municipality as well as on the most tourist beaches, such as El Medano Beach. 

El Medano beach in Los Cabos

Increasing controls 

Commenting on this recent initiative, the Head of Fiscal Inspection, José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero, declared: “In coordination with other authorities, we carry out more than 20 operations per week. We are going to continue with these and reinforce controls in some areas.”

Aerial view of the arch in Los Cabos on a sunny day

Talking about the many street vendors flocking Los Cabos’ beaches during this period, José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero added: “We must take into account that every year many Mexican people come to Los Cabos during this period. We know that the intention is to support their families and we do everything possible to avoid preventing them from doing. But we make sure (their activities) are regulated.”

According to him, El Medano is the most popular beach in Los Cabos among street vendors, even though they are present on almost every beach in the municipality. 

Commenting on this situation, José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero said: “We will place controls at the entrances (of the beaches) and we will maintain permanent surveillance.”

Aerial photo of one man walking on isolated and lonely Playa El Chileno beach

According to recent data, street vendors in the Los Cabos municipality have drastically increased following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While in 2019, the numbers were around 1,000, now the vendors are over 1,500. Local authorities continuously carry out controls to make sure every vendor operating in Los Cabos is authorized while preventing minors from starting such activities. 

Other initiatives to keep tourists safe

The increase of controls in Los Cabos is just one of the many initiatives recently put in place to keep tourists safe. 

Rocks in Los Cabos with calm sea and little beach on a sunny day

Maintaining high levels of safety is one of the top priorities for Los Cabos authorities as most of the people living in this municipality work in the tourism industry. 

A drastic decrease in safety levels in the area would surely result in fewer tourists and a subsequent economic crisis for most of Los Cabos’ inhabitants. 

This is why Los Cabos continuously ranks as the top municipality in Mexico when it comes to safety, with one of the latest reports, published only a few days ago, showing how only 21 cases of femicide were registered in the state of Baja California Sur, where Los Cabos is located, between December 2018 and October 2023. 

Multiple officers in a police checkpoint talking to drivers

These are incredibly low numbers compared to the over 10,000 cases reported in Mexico during the same period. 

Another recent report showed how Americans tend to feel safer in Baja California Sur compared to other areas in the country. Several factors contributed to this positive result. 

For instance, the decision to only allow officers with a high school diploma to keep practicing their jobs in an attempt to professionalize the police forces in the area. 

El Arco and Lover's Beach Aerial View
Where the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez meet is the famous arch and Land’s End. Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. Lover’s & Divorce Beaches visible. Shot from ultralight aircraft.

Not by chance; while police officers usually tend to have a bad reputation among Mexicans, locals in Los Cabos tend to trust officers way more. 

To give another example, in 2023, hundreds of cameras were installed in Los Cabos and other nearby municipalities to prevent criminals from committing illegal acts. 

Security Camera Attached to an Urban Building

Lastly, it is worth remembering that although scams in Los Cabos are unfortunately present, police officers are constantly trying to warn tourists ahead of time. 

As with every tourist site in the world, it is almost impossible to completely eradicate unauthorized street vendors and other illegal activities, but unlike many other Mexican areas, local authorities in Los Cabos are constantly giving warnings and keeping tourists updated with the latest scams. 

For instance, this summer, Los Cabos authorities asked tourists to watch out for online platforms selling fake services, such as bookings to hotels that still had to open, and reminded them to always contact their chosen hotel before placing an order with a third party website. 


In other words, the current initiative to increase controls in Los Cabos is just one of the many put in place by the local government in a constant effort to increase safety levels in the area and keep tourists safe at all times. 

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