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5 Reasons Americans Feel Safer In Los Cabos Than Other Mexico Destination

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According to recent data, visitors feel safer in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur compared to many other destinations in the country. 

Land's End , Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Americans flock to Los Cabos in droves, but why do Americans feel safer in Baja California Sur compared to the rest of Mexico?

There are several factors contributing to this. 

Highly qualified police officers

While in most areas in Mexico, police forces tend to have a bad reputation among locals, the situation in Baja California Sur is different. For instance, only a few months ago, the Los Cabos government decided to only allow police officers with a school diploma to keep practicing their job.

Police officers in Mexico

New measures are constantly being put in place to improve the working conditions of the policemen working in this area by equipping them with better technologies. 

On top of this, in 2023, the State Preventive Police and the Penitentiary Police received a 13.23% salary increase. This is more proof of the Baja California Sur government’s commitment to constantly improving the working conditions of its police forces.

Constant monitoring

This year, Los Cabos surveillance received a massive upgrade, as over 600 cameras have been placed all over the Baja California Sur state to prevent acts of criminality. 

Playa del Divorcio on a sunny day in Los Cabos

According to  Luis Alfredo Cancino Vicente, in the last month, the state video surveillance system has been expanded by 343%! 

But this is not all. The local government is also strengthening its vehicle detection protocols to make it easier for police officers to find dangerous criminals and offenders on the road. 

Road safety

Even though mobility in Los Cabos is still one of the main complaints for tourists, local authorities are working hard to improve the situation. 

Police officers in Mexico

For instance, the government is now offering safety courses for local drivers, which began on November 27th. A separate program has also been put in place catering to minors who just started to drive. 

On top of this, the speed limits on the main road in Los Cabos, the transpeninsular highway, have recently been reduced from 90 km/h to 60 km/h.

A constant effort

Another key element distinguishing Los Cabos and the state of Baja California Sur from most other Mexican destinations is the constant commitment to improve the safety conditions of these areas. 

Cabo San Lucas city centre

For instance, with the arrival of the high seasons and the winter festivities, the Los Cabos government has announced an increase in the number of police officers who will patrol the municipality to keep tourists and locals alike safe at all times. 

But this is just one of the many initiatives carried out by the local authorities. To give another recent example, at the end of November 2023, the Los Cabos government decided to give its police officers additional training after a video from a local tourist went viral showcasing a questionable interaction with police officers. 

Whether it is through new courses, better equipment, or an increase in the number of police officers in the area, Los Cabos authorities are always trying to improve the municipality’s safety levels, listening to tourists’ complaints and acting accordingly. 

Heads-up on scams

Police Checking the Bags of Vendors on a Los Cabos Beach

As with all tourist locations, scammers also operate in Los Cabos. However, police forces are always looking for unauthorized vendors and immediately warn tourists whenever a new scam is detected in the area. 

For instance, this summer, police officers asked tourists to watch out for online platforms selling bookings to hotels that had not opened yet.

More recently, the police warned visitors to avoid buying tours and discount tickets from vendors on the beach, who often tend to sell fake services. 

Police and Military Officers Talking to a Vendor on a Los Cabos Beach

Despite the few scams and road safety issues, Los Cabos remains one of Americans’ favorite destinations when it comes to safety, thanks to the constant local commitment to improving.

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