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Blackouts Currently Affecting Tourist Outings In Los Cabos

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The storms that have come near Los Cabos in the last few days have thankfully not caused major property damages or issues to the overall infrastructure of the resort town.

One of the main issues, though, that has been caused by the poor weather has been the consistent presence of blackouts.

This has been an issue that even hotels with their own backup power sources have had to contend with.

Dim Lights In The Cabo Marina At Night

Local businesses without those auxiliary power units that hotels have are suffering the worst from these power outages.

Smaller restaurants and mini supermarkets reported losing up to 25% of their produce stock due to power outages.

This presents a problem for tourists as well on many levels. For one, travelers who are staying outside the main resorts at local Airbnbs or vacation rentals have also had to discard food items due to the lack of refrigeration.

As previously stated, even within hotels, certain issues have also been reported. 

fruits and vegetables in an outdoor Mexican market

Some of the auxiliary power units that hotels have can’t provide enough power to keep the building running as usual.

This leads hotels to primarily use that energy to power things like fridges in kitchens in order to avoid some of the same issues that small restaurants and supermarkets are facing with their produce going bad.

This means that some tourists are left without other amenities within their Cabo hotel during hours of the day when blackouts are prevalent. 

Hotel suite with a beachside terrace

Tourists May Find Business Closed Due To The Power Outages

It’s not just produce going bad that’s forcing small businesses in Cabo to close down. At the same time, without power, a lot of these businesses aren’t able to process payments.

In many cases, what these small businesses are opting to do is just to close down for the day or until power is restored completely. 

Small Restaurant Closed Despite Being In The Middle Of The Day

Local business owners have urged the federal electric company to provide them with estimates on how long some of these blackouts are going to last.

The idea is that with these warnings, local businesses will be able to prepare for these periods without power.

This will allow them to find alternatives to properly refrigerate their produce to not have it all go to waste.

Unfortunately, there’s usually no set time frame to indicate how long certain parts of the city will be without power. This creates a sense of uncertainty for both business owners and tourists.    

Night In Cabo Under Dim Lights

Tips To Avoid Health Issues While Vacationing In Cabo During This Season

Power outages tend to be a recurring issue in Los Cabos during storm season. Apart from some of the inconveniences that we’ve already stated, they also end up presenting a serious health risk for tourists, primarily due to the fact that certain foods can go bad quickly due to the combination of the Cabo heat and the lack of proper refrigeration.

There are a couple of things that tourists who come to Cabo can do to avoid potential health scares. 

Seafood Dish

Sadly, the small restaurants that suffer the most from the blackouts have it even worse because it’s not a good idea to eat in these places under the current conditions, especially if you’re ordering seafood, dairy products, and other items that tend to have a short shelf life even under the right conditions.

Another reason why it’s a good idea to avoid street food spots during this time is because they may clean their plates and cooking utensils with poor-quality water.

Water quality isn’t excellent to begin with, and it tends to get worse if there are flooding and drainage spills after poor weather.

food truck in Los Cabos

Buying food and snacks from larger supermarkets like Walmart instead of the nearby small store is a good idea to stay on the safe side at this time.

Also, heading to better-established restaurants that have the right infrastructure to keep their food items fresh over smaller venues is a good way to try and prevent illnesses.

Travelers should look for restaurants within hotels that have their own backup power source. Even if there’s no air conditioning in the rooms during the blackout, there’s a good chance they were able to keep their food fresh by channeling the power they do have toward their refrigerators.

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Thursday 6th of July 2023

What storms???? Excessive construction of hotels, condos, and track housing...., the hi end HOTELS, and hi end neighborhoods are having NO PROBLEMS.