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Los Cabos Aims To Become More Accessible For Tourists With Reduced Mobility

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In 2022, Los Cabos is expected to receive 3 million visitors, a 9% increase over 2021. Among the 3 million are a diverse group of travelers, some with disabilities that can make it more difficult to travel. In an attempt to even out the opportunities and offer more accessible travel for all, Los Cabos is breaking ground on several initiatives, ever more so with support from an international NGO.

Beach access for those with reduced mobility

Los Cabos officials, along with an international NGO that specializes in methods to provide adequate services for those with disabilities, have set off on a mission to diminish difficulties experienced by travelers with reduced mobility. On the long list of things to upgrade are resorts, beach access, transportation options from hotel to accommodation, and walkways that line the cities top resorts where all the hottest shops are.

Beach wheelchairs with palm trees

In an interview regarding accessibility and sustainability in Los Cabos, Director of Fideicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos (Fiturca) Rodrigo Esponda explained, “to be accessible, just as to be sustainable, is not an option.” The organization has long realized the need to increase accessibility, claiming that initiatives in Los Cabos would open doors in places like the United States, Canada, and Europe. The potential to increase tourism is not the only reason why the organization is pushing for increased accessibility.

Beach access mat for wheelchairs

Esponda explained, “… we also need to take advantage of our ability to welcome and treat all guests in a more inclusive manner, without making distinctions.” He concluded the interview with the exclamation that “travelers are evolving unlike ever before, creating the need to innovate to maintain their interest in Los Cabos. The more modern and inclusive approach to tourism comes right as Los Cabos is seeing a huge boost in travelers from all over the globe, making it the perfect time to upgrade and update the area’s current infrastructure.

Resort pool with guest in wheelchair

Several resorts in the Los Cabos area have already taken initiative, ensuring that all guests can enjoy their stay. The director of sales for Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa, Zitlaly Patrón explained “We provide complete access to all areas of our resort so that those with reduced mobility don’t run into any obstacles.” Dreams Los Cabos also offers menus in braille to accommodate those with vision impairments and staff on-site that can aid those with hearing impairment too.

Resort near the beach with pool and palm trees
Image: Dreams Los Cabos Suite Golf Resort & Spa

In addition to access to areas throughout the hotel, there are three first floor suites that offer wider doors for easer entry and bathrooms designed to accommodate those who use a wheel chain. Plus, each of these three suites comes with an ocean view, providing the perfect mix of upscale functionality. One of the biggest tourist destinations in Los Cabos are the area’s beaches, which span miles and miles along the coast.

Beachside resorts along the coast

Among the many beaches that offer ramps for wheelchair access to the beach is Playa Medano, one of Los Cabos’ only swimmable beaches. Another is Chileno Beach, which has a more laidback vibe. It sits about 7 miles away from Cabo San Lucas just toward the outside of the tourist key where most resorts are located.

Sandy beach with rocks

Guests with reduced mobility can enjoy more than just their resort amenities and beaches. Several wheelchair accessible excursions are on the list of things to do, including a snorkel tour, a sunset cruise, and even a kayak and snorkel tour that goes to Santa Maria and Chileno Bay. Guests that need special accommodation are urged to contact their resort for any questions or concerns, helping them create the best experience for every traveler.

Shelley Fraedrich

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

The Los Cabos Airport is not accessible for boarding because they use stairs to to decend and asend their planes. The airlines can't guarantee that a disabled tourist can ascend or descend the plan without men lifting the wheelchair in the air and carrying it down the 20 steps to tarmac. It is extremely unsafe! The airport has vehicles that have lifts to load food and luggage onto the planes, they should be using that to load disabled passengers onto the plans.