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Los Cabo Tourists Upset Over Increasing Traffic Congestion

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Miguel Ángel Mena, the president of the tourist transport association, which is mainly made up of airport shuttle companies, revealed that travelers are upset with the amount of time that they are spending on Cabo roads.

street filled with traffic in Mexico

While Mena didn’t reveal any formal complaints that were filed by tourists he did say many shuttle drivers had to deal with these complaints. Perhaps the biggest issue for travelers has been the time spent while driving to and from the Cabo airport.

Mena would go on to say that December was especially tough for travelers commuting around Los Cabos. When they were used to driving from the airport to the hotel in 30 minutes they are now taking a full hour to make that journey. According to Mena and many other voices in the tourism industry, the main issue is that there are no alternative routes to head to the main Cabo tourism spots.

Tourists Walking Past Restaurants in the Cabo San Lucas Marina Area

This revelation regarding tourist complaints coincides with a decision from the local government to rebuild speed bumps on the Transpeninsular road. This is the road that connects both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas along the beachside. There’s another toll road that you can take to make the trip which runs further up north. Essentially these are the only two routes that lead to all of the main spots in Cabo. 

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cab in a mexican beach town with speed bumps

How Long Should A Commute From The Airport To Cabo San Lucas Take?  

As is the case with many airports the one in Cabo is located northeast of San Jose Del Cabo away from the main hotel zones. In fact, many of the popular resorts that the region boasts are located in Cabo San Lucas near the marina area.

That’s where you’ll find the Los Cabos arch and other popular landmarks. If you’re staying in that region, you’ll have to deal with, at the very least, a 40-minute commute with no traffic. When you arrive in the middle of the day, or you have to leave your resort early to catch your flight, the drive can take north of an hour easily. 

Hotels located along the scenic beaches, playas of San Jose del Cabo in Hotel Zone, Zona Hotelera

If you’re staying at a resort near the San Jose del Cabo downtown area, you’ll certainly have a shorter trip to deal with. To make that trip, there are also, in essence, two roads that you can take.

One that forces you to pass through the entire urban landscape of San Jose del Cabo and another that kind of circles around it. With no traffic, that’s a 20-minute ride, but in peak hours of the day, that can look more like half an hour to 40 minutes, if not more.

Road That Leads To San Jose del Cabo

Making The Trip Between San Jose del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas

If you didn’t know this already, the Cabo region is essentially made up of two main cities, which are San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. As previously stated, there are only two roads that allow you to make the trip from one city to the next.

If you’re staying near Cabo San Lucas, you’ll have to make the trip to the other side of Cabo to get to the airport. You’ll also make the trip if you want to visit the art district and more Mexican colonial downtown of San Jose del Cabo.

traffic inside a beach city in Mexico

When you’re staying in San Jose del Cabo, you may have to head out to Cabo San Lucas to catch a boat at the Cabo marina. If you’re interested in a night out at the Cabo Wabo cantina, that’s another excuse to make the trip. The trip from one town to the next is about 20 miles long.

Without traffic, you should take about 30 minutes to complete it. Again if you decide to leave at peak traffic hours during the day, that trip can turn into a 45-minute drive. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - February 15, 2006. The Cabo Wabo nightclub/restaurant was established in April of 1990 by rocker Sammy Hagar in Mexico\'s Cabo San Lucas. Vacationers visit for the food, drink and rock and roll atmosphere.

No Quick Solutions For Locals Or Tourists

Although complaints by tourists are seemingly warranted, and local transport associations want to use them to lobby authorities to upgrade roads, there’s no quick answer to the traffic issues.

For travelers heading for Cabo, it would be a good idea to grasp just how large the area is. With more people arriving particularly during the peak months, the traffic issues seem to be something that’s here to stay, at least for a while.

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Mark Nicklom

Monday 20th of February 2023

Multiple delays and traffic jams are caused by accidents directly related to speed, tailgating, and by not knowing how to drive. Speed bumps do nothing to reduce these issues. While speed bumps tend to slow traffic while crossing the bump, drivers immediately accelerate to make up for the time lost slowing down.

I do see them benefiting where pedestrians need to cross or where traffic is entering the main flow, by at least allowing for them to merge or cross.

Education (including being required to pass a road test), better lane definition and traffic tickets for improper equipment, speeding, failing to signal and tailgating, will do more to improve traffic flow than a speed bump.


Sunday 19th of February 2023

Were do get the picture of the road for five lines ?

Jessikat Mendieta

Sunday 19th of February 2023

Well first use real photos of the traffic in Los Cabos.