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Tourist Use Of Jet Skis In Los Cabos Will Be Limited During Spring Holidays For Safety

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It’s one of the biggest complaints that beach sun worshipers have about the sun, sand, and surf in Los Cabos.

As the busy spring holiday travel season heats up over the next couple of weeks, local officials in Los Cabos will take action.

For swimmers’ protection, jet ski use will officially be limited on the beaches of Los Cabos and other areas in Baja California Sur during Easter.

Jet Ski Rider

Cooling Off the Jets

According to the Baja California Sur Undersecretary of State Civil Protection, Héctor Amparano Herrera, in a recent news article on the topic, the use of jet skis on the beaches of Los Cabos, and other parts of Baja California Sur, will be limited due to safety concerns.

This comes after several incidents during the spring holiday travel periods in previous years when near misses could have resulted in swimmers being injured by jet ski riders not observing the rules.

Swimmer in the ocean

“We are going to discourage the use of jet skis so that they respect the area where bathers normally swim and coexist,” Herrera said in a news article about the new rules. “We are also urging the service providers themselves to follow these instructions, otherwise they will be subject to the corresponding sanctions if they do not comply with the civil protection recommendations.”

What’s The Issue?

The issue at heart is the fact that jet ski riders have had an issue in the past recognizing the protected bathing area of swimmers.

jetskis on medano beach busy

Herrera reinforced that the use of jet skis will not be banned in the waters of Los Cabos during the spring holiday travel season.

They will be more controlled, and the boundaries between swimmers and jet ski riders will be more strictly enforced so that tourists can enjoy both of the popular activities during their beach resort vacation getaway.

Herrera added that there will be an increase in the number of first responders ready to respond in the event of an incident, especially on the beaches of Los Cabos, where most travelers will be enjoying the beaches and waters.

Tourists on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Baja California Sur Civil Protection teams will be working at the local beaches in and around Los Cabos along with lifeguards, volunteer emergency response teams and paramedics for the safety and security of the tourists on and offshore.

“We have already come to an agreement with the Secretary of the Navy to reinforce the issue of lifeguards,” Herrera said. “They have lifeguards that are going to be assigned to each of the municipalities and especially in the places with the greatest influx of tourists.”

What Travelers Need to Know

Beach lifeguard attentive to people bathing in the turquoise Mexican Caribbean waters.

The safety and security of travelers in Los Cabos is a major priority of all three levels of government – municipal, state, and federal – during this upcoming very busy peak spring holiday travel season.

That’s why measures are being taken to ensure that both swimmers and jet skiers enjoying the beaches of Los Cabos work together and respect the rights of each other to have a fantastic vacation getaway in the area.

They are also going to make sure plans are in place to ensure if an issue does arise that they are ready to respond quickly with first responders trained and prepared to handle emergencies at the most popular tourist beaches in Los Cabos.

Jet skis offshore for tourists

This should make travelers feel more secure in heading down to Los Cabos to enjoy their beach resort vacation getaway knowing that their safety and security is being addressed while they enjoy the warm weather and sunny beaches in the spring holiday tourist hotspot of Los Cabos.

Travelers are also advised to obtain travel insurance in the event that medical care is needed while enjoying their vacation.

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