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Jeremy Renner In Los Cabos Helping Out Community And Filming Reality Show

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This week, the Los Cabos area got quite the surprise as actor Jeremy Renner showed up to help out in the community. On Tuesday, Renner was in San Jose del Cabo at the Antonio Mijares Square, and singer Sebastian Yatra accompanied him. Celebrities usually come to Los Cabos for rest and relaxation, but Renner was in the area for charitable reasons.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner and ‘Rennervations’ Reality Show

Jeremy Renner, who is known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe of films, was taking part in a reality show, which brought him to San Jose del Cabo. The reality show “Rennervations” is a series that partners with Renner and his passion for helping communities around the world. Renner takes on the task of repurposing unique custom-made vehicles to fit some of the community’s most significant needs. Rennervations will be available to watch on Disney+.

jeremy renner

Renner was in San Jose del Cabo, helping vulnerable groups in the area through donations that can positively affect and help the community. Renner was seen assisting and working with Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas. They built a truck that was specially designed to be used as a kitchen, library, or recreational space. This truck will give the organization and the children different options for using the area, which is sorely needed.

Crew working on new truck

Throughout the day, Renner was very approachable and in good spirits. He took photos with anyone willing to ask and spent a little time chatting with people around the area. Renner also posted about the day on his Twitter account as well. Renner posted, “Final prep on this amazing build. Short time, long haul, and LOADs of love put into this! Thank you all who put hands on this treasure.”

Throughout the week, posts on social media have been popping up around the area about Renner’s visit to Los Cabos. It appears everyone enjoyed him being around, and his visit was very appreciated.

Jeremy Renner in Mexico

Jeremy Renner and Casa Hogar team up

Jeremy Renner has spoken about how important it is for him to give back because of his success. He has previously worked with Unicef, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, American Foundation for AIDS Research, Feeding America, and other ventures.

Now he is teaming up with Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas. Casa Hogar is a non-profit charitable organization that provides active care and parenting to vulnerable children and teens unable to live with their families. If you would like to donate to Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas, you can visit Donate (

Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas

Jeremy Renners career achievements help the cause

Jeremy Renners film career has reached new heights in the last decade. Renner has an estimated net worth of roughly $80 million, and he has put his share of this towards his charitable endeavors. He has been acting since the 90s, but he started to see more success after the year 2000. He played a role in the critically acclaimed film ‘Dahmer’, then saw parts in ‘S.W.A.T’, ‘Neo Ned,’ and ‘North County.’

However, the film ‘Hurt Locker’ in 2009 sent his career to new heights, because the movie where he played a bomb disposal expert landed him his first Oscar nomination. He followed that role up with a second Oscar nomination in ‘The Town’. In 2015 he landed his most prominent role as Hawkeye in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ Renner has followed that role with two more films as Hawkeye in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

Jeremy Renner