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Doja Cat Spotted During Luxury Vacation In Los Cabos

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Los Cabos is quickly becoming the place to be seen for celebrities as the beach resort continues its evolution from party town to luxury destination.

Recently, a number of celebrities have been spotted in the area. Everyone from Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian to Kris Jenner to Emily in Paris star Ashley Park.

Most recently, it was rapper Doja Cat that was seen enjoying the waters of Los Cabos.

Doja Cat’s Fun in the Sun

Doja Cat

Reports are that the singer responsible for hits such as “Need to Know” and “Say So” was enjoying her time in Los Cabos sporting dark futuristic glasses, an orange bikini, yellow boots, and really short platinum-colored hair.

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also known as Doja Cat, boasted to her 26 million followers on Instagram that she was staying at an unnamed luxury hotel in Los Cabos and posted pictures of herself enjoying her luxury vacation.

The photos and posts have since been removed from Instagram.

During her getaway to Los Cabos, Doja Cat had an opportunity to take a luxury yacht ride out to Lands End to enjoy a private view of the spectacular Los Cabos Arch and Lover’s Beach.

Cabo San Lucas Arch and Lover's Beach

She also hopped on a jet ski in the bay, much like the famous snapshot of Britney Spears.

Los Cabos Love Rumors

Just like Britney, Doja Cat has also caused some controversy and rumors about her love life after being spotted with a potential love interest.

In Los Cabos, Doja Cat was photographed holding hands and getting a kiss on the cheek by comedian J. Cyrus.

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Britney Spears

While Doja Cat remains quiet about her personal life, it appears from the photos that they are at least close friends, if not more.

The musician is busy working on her next album called “Hellmouth” and is expected to return to the recording studio after her luxury vacation getaway to the beach resort destination.

She has also been working on a remix of “Kill Bill” and participated in the soundtrack of Vegas and the newly released movie Barbie.

Doja Cat boasts more than 50 million listeners on Spotify after her hit “Hot Pink” four years ago launched her on the hit music scene.

Luxury resort hotel room in Los Cabos

It was two years later that Doja Cat scored her first number one hit on the Billboard 100 list with “Planet Her”.

Los Cabos Luxury

Los Cabos continues to attract a number of celebrities as the beach resort destination repositions itself as a luxury hangout for the rich and famous.

Even the resorts are becoming involved as they try to attract celebrity customers in order to establish their own brands as luxury destinations.

Luxury resort hotel room and pool in Los Cabos

While some of the celebrities have actually promoted specific resorts while visiting Los Cabos, Doja Cat did not disclose the location of her luxury vacation stay.

However, her pictures of well-known landmarks, such as the Los Cabos Arch at Lands End, help to promote the area on social media.

She was not the only one recently spotted in Los Cabos. In fact, influencer and content creator Nyyear Price also shared his pictures of the Mexican beach resort destination with his followers on social media.

He was in the area about the same time as Doja Cat celebrating his birthday on a luxury yacht and reflecting on a new year around different areas of Los Cabos.

Azimut Yachts are very popular for Los Cabos rentals

Impact to Los Cabos Visitors

As Los Cabos continues to grow its brand and become more popular with the rich and famous as well as the rest of the world, visitors to the area can expect that the prices of not only resort hotel rooms but also flights and amenities will continue to increase.

The town is evolving into a luxury resort hot spot and the increased visitation will also result in increased traffic and number of visitors to what once was just a sleepy beach town in Baja California.

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