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Discover The Hidden Gems Of Cabo San Lucas With New Expert Guides

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One of the most rewarding parts of international travel is the ability to learn about and experience new cultures, heritage, food and traditions.

It is one of the main reasons so many tourists choose an international vacation getaway for adventure.

Tourists horseback riding on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.

To better enhance the tourist experience in Los Cabos, the Secretariat of Tourism and Economy of Baja California Sur announced recently that it will start in June an official intensive diploma program where tour guides and interpreters can receive a certified credential to provide tours in Los Cabos.

The five day a week, 13-week, evening course will specifically be taught by the College of Heritage Tourists and Interpreters.

Why Hire A Guide?

Tourists on a Boat Near the Famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The tour guides who take and complete the training program will be certified as knowledgeable by the Secretariat of Tourism and Economy of Baja California Sur with an official credential.

But what is the value of hiring a tour guide to Los Cabos travelers?

The biggest reason to hire a tour guide is because they live in the community and can often share with visitors the inside tips and stories behind Los Cabos, which are really not available in tour books.

Tourists looking at an art exhibit.

Tour guides often know the best locals places to visit, shop and eat. That’s how travelers can often receive the best deals.

Based on their special relationships in the tourism community, they can often get special access to behind the scenes access, tours and adventures which may not be available to visitors to reserve.

Having the insights, knowledge, and credibility of a certified tour guide can really enhance the value of a vacation getaway to Los Cabos for international travelers.

Tourists enjoying a outdoor tour with a guide.

What Tours Are Available?

Whatever a tourist is interested in, there is likely to be an established tour or tour guide who can bring that vacation getaway adventure to life.

Interested in the history of Los Cabos? There’s a guide for that. How about cooking or food? Foodie tours are exploding in popularity.

woman cooking in Mexico

Just taking a look at the period of early June in Los Cabos on a popular travel website shows a number of fun and interesting tours available with a hosted guide. All are also pretty reasonably priced.

There’s a Cabo San Lucas tour with a boat ride and a glassblowing factory tour available for only $75 with free cancellation. That sounds interesting, especially since I was unaware of a glassblowing factory in Cabo San Lucas.

There’s also a small group Los Cabos city tour available with tequila and candy. I’m not too sure what tequila and candy have to do with each other, but I know tequila is popular with Los Cabos tourists.

Tequila tasting room in Los Cabos.

How about a 90-minute historical and cultural walking tour of San Jose del Cabo for $45? That sounds like a good insider way to learn more about the area.

There are also plenty of boat tours, beach horseback riding tours, and four-wheel ATV tours available during that time with guides as well. That’s if something traditional sounds interesting.

The point is travelers get to have more of an adventure than just lying at the pool or beach by joining a tour guide led tour in Los Cabos.

Tourists in a Resort Pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What Travelers Need to Know

Hiring a tour guide to explore and learn more about a destination really enhances a vacation getaway for travelers.

They have spent so much money just to get to a destination, and selecting a guided tour just increases the value of that vacation getaway.

The new certified tour guide program should definitely help make sure that travelers receive their money’s worth.

Have you ever taken a tour while on vacation, maybe to Los Cabos? Was it able to enhance the value of your vacation getaway investment?

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