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Canadian Sleeps On Streets Of Cabo After Payment Card Declined

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Over the last few days the presence of a Canadian tourist living on Cabo streets raised eyebrows from both other tourists and locals. The full details of the story are a bit murky, but without a doubt this can serve as a cautionary tale for travelers making their way to the region. The official story is that a Canadian tourist staying on his own at an unnamed Cabo lodging facility was removed from that particular facility after his card was declined by his bank. 

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What has followed for this Canadian tourist is potentially anyone’s nightmare vacation. The man has been sleeping in Cabo streets for the last few days. There are a couple of things that have been said about this case that really don’t seem to add up all that well. For one, the man seemingly only went looking for help at the tourist help center kiosk that is set up in the Cabo San Lucas Marina after having already spent at least a couple of days on the streets. After his card was declined the Canadian national received no help from the facility that he was previously staying at to clear up his situation. 

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After looking for help at the tourist help center in the Marina as a Canadian national, he was put in touch with the Canadian embassy. The Canadian embassy in Mexico has revealed that they were made aware of the situation. 

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They did not however, disclose further information on what is being done to aid the Canadian national that has been living in Cabo streets. It is expected though, that this person will be either helped or forced to return to Canada in the next couple of days. Particularly, after he sought out the help of local authorities to help clear up his situation. 

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COVID Has More Or Less Hampered Diplomatic Services Across The Globe 

One of the reasons why this person may have had trouble getting help from his embassy is the fact that the Canadian consular office in Cabo San Lucas has cut its service hours considerably. Although, the embassy clearly states that Canadian citizens in distress can call the following number to get help +1 613 996 8885. This particular number puts Canadian citizens in contact with a call center that is run out of Ottawa 24/7. From there their calls can be transferred to the nearest consular office or embassy. 

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In the case of Los Cabos the nearest consular agency of Canada is located at the following address; Plaza San Lucas, Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 0.5, Local 82 in Cabo San Lucas. As mentioned the service hours for this office have been cut drastically, only remaining open from 9:30 to 12:30. Canadian nationals in distress, though, can be aided by embassy staff in Los Cabos outside of those working hours. Calling the Ottawa call center is one way to get in touch with the embassy, but perhaps the quickest way is through the direct number for the local office which is 55-5724-9797. 


The Process For American Tourists With Issues In Los Cabos Is Quite Similar  

The United States is another country that has a consular agency in the Cabo region. Service hours for that particular office located Tiendas de Palmilla, Carretera Transpeninsular Km 27.5 Local B221 in San Jose del Cabo run from 830 to 1pm. US citizens can call the consular agency at the following number: 55 8526 2561. 

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These consular agencies are meant to be able to provide different types of assistance and guidance. For example, they are who you need to call if you lose your passport at any point in your trip. Although the embassy can’t necessarily bail you out of legal trouble directly, they can point you in the right direction if you do need an attorney, or you’re dealing with a medical emergency. In these extreme cases they may also be able to help you fly back home.