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Los Cabos Hotel Rates Increase: Here’s How Much You Can Expect To Spend

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Travelers from around the world coming to enjoy the sun, sand and surf of Los Cabos are keeping the demand for hotel rooms steady despite a drop off from domestic travelers from Mexico.

While the overall occupancy of hotel rooms in the area hovers around the 65 percent level, there are plenty of rooms available for United States visitors.

The issue is that the average room rate is actually up significantly over last year.

Here’s the scoop on what travelers can expect to pay to enjoy a stay in Los Cabos.

Luxurious Sandos Finisterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Room Rates on the Rise

Travelers to Los Cabos can expect to pay about $20 more per night to stay in Los Cabos this year over last year.

That’s according to research conducted by the Los Cabos Hotel Association in a recent report about hotel rates and occupancy in the area.

That brings the average nightly hotel room rate in Los Cabos to about $494 per night, despite the soft demand from domestic travelers from Mexico.

The Cape Hotel Los Cabos

“In terms of the rate, we have an average rate of $494, which is what we have been maintaining,” said Lilzi Orcí Fregoso in a story on the topic. “In the case of the rate, it is slightly higher compared to last year. It is $20 dollars higher than in 2023.”

Some Good News

It should be noted that the $494 average nightly room rate in Los Cabos is exactly that, an average.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of accommodations available to accommodate the needs and budget of pretty much any traveler to Los Cabos.

airbnb kitchen in beachfront home

Travelers looking for high-end luxury accommodations in Los Cabos can definitely find plenty available, as the area has been looking to court that audience with increased amenities and benefits for some time now.

However, the all-inclusive resorts full of great features for travelers at one price do come at a cost. They tend to be the most expensive options available.

However, when factoring in all of the costs of a vacation in Los Cabos, they may actually be a good value at the right price.

For those looking for value, there are some budget-oriented properties available for travelers to Los Cabos.

Resort hotel in Los Cabos

However, visitors may have to trade off location or amenities to get those prices.

For example, hotel rates in Los Cabos generally fall the further away the hotel is from the beach, or the fewer service amenities it offers.

Those are the properties that are generally below the average nightly room rate in Los Cabos.

Another Lower-Priced Option

Los Cabos hotel pool area

Historically, vacation rental properties, or Airbnbs have been lower priced options than many hotels and resorts in Los Cabos.

Property owners are willing to take lower nightly room rates than hotels and provide guests more of a home-style accommodation experience.

The best option is to shop around the many accommodation alternatives to find the best deal for a specific travel budget.

Tips For Tourists

Cabo San Lucas Airbnb

While the average nightly room rate in Los Cabos is up about $20, or about five percent, year-over-year, tourists should not worry as there are plenty of accommodations available, and many properties are willing to make a deal.

The best bet for value-oriented consumers is to look at locations away from the beach. The best deals are in more urban locations in Los Cabos with limited amenities.

However, it may not hurt to call or email a specific desired hotel to see if any special rates are available right now.

Visitors may also want to explore vacation rental properties for deals.

For those with a budget for luxury accommodations in Los Cabos, the good news is there is plenty available to choose from.

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