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American Flag Hanging At Cabo Lighthouse Sparks Outrage

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Authorities were shocked to see an American flag hanging near Faro Viejo, one of Los Cabos’ most historic sites. There is not yet a suspect and no witnesses have come forward – and it’s not sure any will. The scene has outraged Cabos authorities and citizens, with some noting the “lack of respect” felt by such an act.

 Faro Viejo lighthouse overlooking the ocean

The American flag was discovered Monday July the 15th. After reports hit news stations and was shared on social media, more Mexican residents began to share their outrage for the disrespectful gesture. Among the large numbers of tourists pouring into Los Cabos this year, the majority are American. While ties between the two countries when it comes to tourism are one sided, this incident could even out scales and create some resistance from Mexico’s citizens toward disrespectful visitors.

Busy beach with people and umbrellas

Commenting on the incident, Felipe Marrón Rosas noted “it really seems to me a lack of respect for our identity and our culture, but overall, our history.” Faro Viejo is a significant piece of Los Cabos’ history, initially made to trick foreign sailors into thinking Mexico had a military presence. Today, it’s recognized as a symbol of resistance and pride for Mexican people. While we are long away from those days, hanging of a flag is a symbolic gesture that is not to be played with on any territory.

Mexican flag hanging in city center with palm trees

Back in the 1860s, France was Mexico’s biggest threat, attempting to conquer the territory. There were several significant battles, though one in particular that took place near the old lighthouse. This battel was not what sent the French out of Mexico for good, but it was a battel that showed Mexico’s determination. It proved that Mexican forces could stand together and fight for their land, even against a strong army like that of the French.

Lighthouse near the beach

Rosas went on to emphasize the need for authorities to intervene, mentioning “it has gone so far as to disrespect the site. They had to climb and raise a foreign flat in such an iconic place that was meant for our identity and belonging.” He went as far as mentioning sanctions, of which have not been imposed since 1984. He emphasized the actions and know-how it took to hoist a flag onto the old lighthouse, calling for something to be done so that it does not occur again.

American flag hanging near palm trees

The incident not only raised questions about the respect of US visitors but also shed light on the lack of historic value given to the lighthouse. There was a time when it was abandoned and falling apart, later revamped and made into a historic site. With the influx of travelers pouring into Los Cabos, it’s on its way to becoming a tourist attraction and becoming a marketing strategy for tourism.  

#Cabo sign in city center

Rosas is not the only one passionate about the legendary lighthouse. Los Cabos citizens as well as those living throughout Mexico are not pleased with the incident. Since the new wave of tourism in the area, issues have come up here and there. Among them are the lack of respect for oceans and wildlife, with several reports of increased litter.

Trash on the beach

Los Cabos encourages all of those who visit to respect the land, the animals, and the people. Travelers from all nations are welcome throughout Mexico. Just like travel to any other international destination, it’s common courtesy to respect the country, considering their historic roots and foundation that took the sacrifice of several generations’ past. Authorities are on the hunt for clues and are sure to charge the culprit (if caught) and could possibly become barred from reentry into the country.