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7 Reasons Why Travelers Say High Cost Of Visiting Los Cabos Worth The Money

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Los Cabos is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico, but it’s also one of the most expensive.   

View of the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Recently, it was reported that the average nightly hotel rate is nearly $600, but travelers say that the high cost of visiting Los Cabos is worth the money.   

Let’s take a look at why travelers are willing to pay more to visit this popular destination. 

The Ease Of Getting There  

American and Alaskan Airlines Planes at Los Cabos International Airport

One of the great things about Los Cabos is how close it is to the United States, which makes getting there a breeze.   

Many U.S. cities are within just a couple of hours by plane to Los Cabos Airport, and even many of the furthest cities are still only a 6-7 hour flight.   

This close proximity has led several U.S. airlines to offer direct flights to the destination, so you can fly to Los Cabos directly from 28 U.S. cities.   

Luxurious Accommodations  

Aerial view of the pool with giant palapa, the Pacific Ocean from the SANDOS Finisterra hotel. los cabos

Many travelers don’t mind splurging while on vacation, and Los Cabos is the place to do it.   

It’s known for its luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts, which might cost a pretty penny but are worth the money.   

Most people come for stunning seafront properties, amazing amenities, and beautiful views and are willing to pay for them.   

Excellent Culinary Scene 

Couple Eating at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The culinary scene in Los Cabos goes far beyond just your traditional Mexican food, which is to be indulged in too, but there is a larger food scene to explore.   

The culinary options in Los Cabos are extensive, with pretty much all types of international cuisine available. A fantastic meal is worth every penny.   

The restaurant scene has become so impressive that Los Cabos will even be featured in this year’s Michelin Guide.   

Luxury Experiences 

People on a yacht enjoying the sun

For those seeking luxury, Los Cabos is the destination to visit, even if it costs a little more money because the memories are priceless.   

From sunset dinner cruises to chartering a yacht for the day to spending a day in the spa, you can vacation like a celebrity if you’re willing to spend the money.   

In many cases, your hotel concierge can organize these things for you too, so you don’t even have to lift a finger, which is how a vacation should be.   

Amazing Beaches 

Los Cabos Beach on a Sunny Day

There are beach vacation destinations all over the world, and then there’s Los Cabos.   

The beaches at the destination are not only stunning but also come with a striking backdrop of desert and mountain landscapes.   

While not all of the beaches in Los Cabos are swimmable, they’re still enjoyable and draw millions of tourists every year.   

So Much To Explore  

Tourists Walking Down a Street in San Jose del Cabo

Another great thing about Los Cabos is that no matter how many times you visit, there will still be more to explore.   

Not just in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, but outside of these destinations too.   

Todos Santos, La Paz, Cabo Pulmo, and several little small towns in between offer a more authentic experience that will leave you with just as good of memories as those you’ll make in Los Cabos.   

Rubbing Elbows With Hollywood’s Elite 

Couple Vacationing at a Beautiful Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

Last but not least, being the luxury destination that it is, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to visit Los Cabos.   

Some have even been spotted in popular restaurants and clubs.   

Even if you don’t spot a celebrity on your vacation, though, you still get to experience the same luxury destination that they do, which might make it worth the money to you. 

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