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7 Essential Los Cabos Airport Tips As It Becomes The 4th Busiest In Mexico  

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Los Cabos has grown so popular over the last several years, particularly among international tourists, that it now has one of the busiest airports in the country. 

Los Cabos Airport One of the Busiest in Mexico

In the first two months of 2024 alone, the busy hub served more than 400,000 international passengers, ranking fourth in international arrivals.

Now that it’s busier than ever, let’s go over seven essential tips for Los Cabos Airport, as it has become the fourth busiest in Mexico among foreign tourists.   

Know What You Can And Can’t Bring To Los Cabos 

Travelers At A Mexican Airport Checkpoint

The first tip is one to consider before you even board your flight to Los Cabos, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle.   

Every country differs a little in regards to what you can be brought into the country aboard an international flight, so it’s important to know what you can and can’t bring.   

You may be able to depart from your home country with something that you’re not allowed to arrive in Los Cabos with.  Some of the things you can’t bring include: 

  • Many Over The Counter Medications  
  • Weapons And Ammunition  
  • Fireworks And Other Explosives 
  • Cash In Amounts Exceeding $10,000 
  • Illegal Drugs, Including Marijuana  

Book Transfers In Advance 

Shuttle Outside of An Airport

Another step to take before your vacation is booking transportation in advance.   

There are taxis and other transportation providers at the airport that can be booked upon arrival, but booking in advance will save you time and money.   

You can have your driver waiting for you upon arrival and have the added advantage of already knowing what it will cost, without having to haggle.   

Consider An Airport Assistant  

People Waiting at A Los Cabos Airport Terminal

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, an airport assistant can be very useful, especially if it’s your first time visiting Los Cabos.   

With airport assistant service you can get through lines quicker and not have to navigate the airport alone.   

An assistant can also help you with your luggage upon arrival.   

Ignore The Sharks In The “Shark Tank” 

Tourists in a Los Cabos Airport Terminal

“Shark Tanks” can be found in most Mexican airports in tourist destinations, and that includes Los Cabos Airport.   

The “shark tank” is an area that you’ll pass through before exiting the airport that is filled with timeshare sales representatives.   

They will badger you to commit to a lengthy presentation and even outright lie about being your transportation provider to try to fool you into going to one.   

It’s best to ignore them and walk right by.  

Charge Devices Before Heading To The Airport For Your Return Flight 

Person Holding a Cell Phone

With Los Cabos International being the busy airport that it is, you’ll want to charge your devices before heading to the airport for your return flight.   

There are spots to charge at the airport, but they may all be taken up by the time you get there.   

This is especially the case if you’ll be traveling during high season.   

Arrive Early For Departure 

Tourists Waiting at a Deserted Los Cabos Airport

It’s recommended that international travelers arrive at the airport earlier than national tourists.   

You’ll want to get there about three hours prior to your departure.   

It may seem like a long time to wait, but lines can be long and you don’t want to risk missing your flight.


Relax VIP Style When Departing From Los Cabos 

Tourist Relaxing

One way to deal with the long wait when you’re departing from Los Cabos is by booking a spot in one of the VIP lounges.   

Access will cost around $50 unless you have certain credit cards that provide free access, so that’s something to look into.   

VIP lounge access makes the wait much more bearable and is the perfect way to end a perfect Los Cabos vacation.

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