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5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is One Of The Easiest Beach Getaways In Mexico

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Nothing is better than a short beach getaway to recharge.

U.S. states like California and Florida have stunning beaches where Americans can enjoy their days off, but sometimes, people may feel the need to go that extra mile to fully immerse themselves in a completely different culture and environment to let go of all the stress accumulated at work. 

Santa Maria Beach (Playa Santa Maria) in Los Cabos, Mexico, as seen on April 13, 2023.

In these cases, Los Cabos comes to the rescue! Not by chance, Rodrigo Esponda, the General Director of Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), recently stated that in 2024, this destination is expecting to receive 2.5 million tourists from the US. 

But why do Americans keep coming here for their holidays? Here are five reasons why Los Cabos is one of the easiest beach getaways in Mexico. 

Plenty of flight connections

Recent data confirms that Los Cabos International Airport was the third in the country in 2023 for the number of international arrivals. 

Plane in an airport waiting to take off

According to FITURCA reports, this municipality offered over 4.6 seats in 2023 to both national and international tourists. 

Concerning US connections, Los Cabos International Airport has direct flights to over 28 US cities. Among these are San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, and San Diego just to mention a few. 

Direct flights are ideal for short getaways as they allow people to travel to a certain destination within a few hours without having to wait for a long layover between airports. 

Plane in the air with clouds in the background

According to Rodrigo Esponda, new routes connecting Los Cabos International Airport to some of the US major cities may be launched in 2024, but everything still needs to be confirmed. 

Lots of English speakers 

Of course, most people in Los Cabos are Spanish native speakers. However, this does not imply they do not know English. On the other hand, most people here know the language pretty well and can communicate with American foreigners without problems. 

Most Los Cabos citizens work in the tourism sector, whether welcoming tourists in world-renowned hotels or transporting visitors from one area to the other. 

Aerial view of beach in Cabo San Lucas

Having worked in the sector for years, these people are now fluent in English, unlike other areas of Mexico where most people tend to work in other fields and have little contact with Americans. 

Surf all year round

Another great plus of Los Cabos is that it offers great surfing conditions all year round. How? Thanks to its strategic location. 

Situated at the very southern point of the Baja California Peninsula, tourists heading here will be able to access both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. 

Surfer Trying To Tame A Massive Wave

While the former has ideal swells in the months going from November to April, the latter is characterized by perfect surfing conditions in the period going from May to October.

Ideal time zone

Los Cabos is set on the Mexican Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7). This is a great advantage for American tourists as it is only a few hours difference from most areas in their country. 

This implies that American visitors heading here don’t have to deal with the negative effects of jet lag. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Scenic panoramic aerial view of Los Cabos landmark tourist destination Arch of Cabo San Lucas, El Arco, whale watching and snorkeling spot.

This also allows people wanting to work for a few hours during their vacation to do so without concerns. Visitors can easily take part in their work meetings without having to wake up in the middle of the night to do so. 

A few hours away 

Especially when opting for a short stay, tourists do not want to spend precious time on a flight, meaning that the closer the destination, the better!

Luckily, Los Cabos is only a few hours away for plenty of U.S. citizens. Unless you live in the very north-eastern part of the country, in states such as Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, you will be able to reach Los Cabos with a relatively short flight. 

Planes of Multiple Airlines on the Tarmac at Los Cabos, Mexico Airport

To give a few examples, people departing from Denver, San Francisco, and Dallas will be able to fly to Los Cabos in roughly three hours. 

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