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5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is Becoming More Popular With Younger Tourists

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In a recent interview, Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism, declared that Los Cabos is now welcoming way more young people than in previous years.

5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is Becoming More Popular With Younger Tourists

“Two years ago, we saw there was a big change in the profile of Los Cabos travelers. This was because of Covid,” said Rodrigo Esponda.

The Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism later added: “One change we saw was in the age category. Before, it was the older, 50 plus travelers, who were coming. Now we are seeing that the average age is 35”.

But why is this the case? Here are 5 reasons why Los Cabos is becoming more popular with younger tourists. 

Outdoors activities

Group of people having fun on kayaks. Sunny day for kayaking in Los Cabos

Talking about the main reason why so many young tourists are now choosing Los Cabos for their holidays, Rodrigo Esponda said: “That is because of all the activities you can do. When you have zip lining, scuba diving, and four-wheeling adventures in the same vacation, then it’s not just the destination that your parents visit to sip wine and relax.”

Of course, zip lining and scuba diving are extremely popular among youths, but they are not the only activities in the area. 

Water sports, such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking, are just some of the many sports practices on Los Cabos’ shores. 

Los Cabos beach with rocks

People also love to go for long excursions in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain range and spend the night in a glamping site to truly immerse themselves in Mexican unspoiled nature. 

Prices suiting all pockets

Of course, exciting outdoor activities are not the only factor leading so many youths to Los Cabos. 

Even though this municipality is largely renowned for its luxurious accommodations, there are plenty of options for those on a budget.

Young people often cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars per night for a stay in an all-inclusive resort. But this should not deter them from choosing Los Cabos for their holidays. 

Closeup view of Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

From Airbnb to co-living spaces and hostels, young people will have a variety of places to choose from! 

On top of this, all-inclusive resorts often have great deals for groups of friends. While booking a night in one of these resorts as a young couple may be difficult, groups of four or five people will find way more affordable options. 

On top of this, the area offers plenty of free activities, from days spent sunbathing to hikes in nature.


brown haired woman getting a massage

Los Cabos is also home to a variety of spas offering unique services based on ancient Mexican beauty treatments. 

These are the ideal places for young partners not only to recharge but also spend some quality time together, enjoying a massage together or opting for a visit to the sauna. 

Direct flights 

Los Cabos is an ideal place for those with time restrictions. Young people busy with work often don’t have time to book monthly vacations. 

Plane flying with clouds in the background

However, this destination can be the perfect place for a weekend getaway thanks to the many direct flights available from several US cities. 

From Denver to San Diego, there are currently 28 USA cities offering direct flights to Los Cabos. 

But this is not all. This Mexican municipality is set on the Mexican Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7), meaning that regardless of which US state you’re living in, you will only experience a maximum of two hours of difference, allowing you to go back to work on Monday without having to deal with jet lag.  

Plenty of opportunities to party

Pool Party at a Los Cabos Resort

Last but not least, Los Cabos is the place to be for those wanting to party. With plenty of clubs to choose from, there is no better place to let go of all the stress accumulated throughout the week with a well-deserved night out. 

Young people will also be able to choose among several party-boat cruises to move the celebrations to the sea! 

In light of this, it is not too surprising that Los Cabos remains one of the best places for spring breakers.

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