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3 Ways Roads Are Becoming Safer For Tourists In Los Cabos This Winter

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Vacationers have plenty of great things to say about Los Cabos, but the main frustration has been traffic.

When we fly into our vacation destination crammed like sardines, we can’t wait to get to our hotel and start our vacation off right.

Unfortunately, tourists have been experiencing a mix of traffic issues, which delays all the fun to be had.

street in los cabos

When horns are blaring and middle fingers flying, it’s not exactly setting the mood for a premiere vacation.

In fact, increased driver frustration can make roadways all the more dangerous. The good news is Los Cabos officials are addressing this issue and a handful of other road-related problems that have affected tourists simply trying to enjoy their trip.

Here are 3 ways roads are becoming safer for tourists in Los Cabos this winter:

New Driver Safety Courses

highway in cabo

With limited roads to reach common resort areas around Los Cabos, road safety has become more of a concern.

It seems accidents are being reported each day, with many of them being preventable. Tourists are not always victims of accidents, but we all share the same roads.

Whether or not tourists are directly impacted is actually null and void if you really think about it. With traffic already being an issue, accidents slow down roads even more, which is the real impact to visitors.

No matter where we are, we all want roads to be safe. Starting off and ending your vacation in a foreign hospital isn’t exactly the vacation stories we like to tell.

los cabos shuttle

Los Cabos is hoping to significantly decrease road accidents with a new implementation of safety courses for local drivers.

These courses have already begun as of November 27, 2023. Courses are held every weekday between both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

There is a separate program catered to minors just starting out on the roads. All in all, the goal is to reduce traffic accidents and educate all drivers to make the roads safer for everyone.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), Los Cabos ranks highest for the most wrongful deaths due to car accidents with 24, which is 5 more than last year.

highway in la paz

New Inspections For Taxis And Ubers

We’ve all heard the horror stories in Mexico between taxis and Ubers – a modern-day duel for supremacy.

Taxis tend to provide a reliable method of reaching your destination as long as they are regulated properly. Of course, they do tend to come at a higher price.

Tourists often choose Uber because it feels safer and takes a few buttons to get a ride – a very simple, seamless process.

uber in mexico

There has been constant head-butting between taxi drivers and Uber drivers, so Los Cabos is adding 30 inspectors to control this situation.

Most rides go according to plan, but Cabo realizes they need to ensure the safety of tourists. Nobody wants to get caught in the crosshairs of a potentially violent attack, which has happened on rare occasion.

Although not as common, tourists can avoid both of these services by booking private transportation. This will be more costly in an already expensive destination, but what is the cost for peace of mind?

No More Bumpy Rides

potholes on road

When taking a trip to Los Cabos, in all likelihood, you will be taking the Transpeninsular Highway. This just so happens to be where travelers are experiencing the most frustrations.

Think frequent accidents, untimely lane closures, and pesky potholes you have to dodge like landmines.

Despite being under federal jurisdiction, Los Cabos decided not to wait for a game of political ping-pong to end and took action themselves.

Gridlock traffic is being addressed, as well as potholes being filled to prevent annoying bumps and potential vehicle breakdowns.

unpaved road in east cape of los cabos

In addition, the worst areas are being evaluated to determine if repaving is necessary to make for a smooth ride, both figuratively and literally, to get your vacation started off right.

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Dudley Woodbridge

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

The very first thing the authorities need to do is stop the speeding and reckless driving taking place on the highway between the airport in San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.