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5 Important Things Travelers Should Know Before Visiting Los Cabos

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Los Cabos has become one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations due to its incredible beaches and amazing wildlife, not to mention its ever-growing array of culinary offerings and luxury hotels. 

As more and more tourists flock to the area, many are being caught out by things they didn’t come across in their research before planning a trip, which could save time and money and help with safety while in the area. 

Beach vendor selling jewellery in Los Cabos

Not All Beaches Are Safe For Swimming

In a destination famous for its great beaches, it’s easy to assume that all of them are fine to swim at. Interestingly, in Los Cabos, this is not the case, and tourists should look into exactly which beaches are safe for a dip, especially when traveling with children. 

Sign on beach in Los Cabos warning people not to swim

Many of the main beaches are fine for both swimming and water sports, such as El Medano Beach and Playa El Chileno, as well as those slightly further away, such as Palmilla Beach and San Jose del Cabo’s Costa Azul Beach. 

However, famous spots such as Playa del Amor are often best saved for more experienced swimmers, and even the most popular beaches have seen accidents happen due to high tides and rough conditions. 

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El Arco and Lover's Beach Aerial View

Visitors should always pay attention to any colored flags and signs on the beaches which indicate if it is safe to swim. Additionally, between August and November, which is hurricane season in Los Cabos, it is advised to avoid swimming as much as possible because of the choppy waters. 

Smoking Is Banned

A fairly recent addition to the laws not just in Los Cabos but also Mexico as a whole, the country has long been against tobacco and last year banned the sale and promotion of all e-cigarettes

At the start of 2023, a full smoking ban came into force, meaning all beaches, resorts, nightclubs, and public areas will be smoke-free. Since many visitors to Los Cabos stay in resorts, it is now extremely difficult to find anywhere to smoke in the area. 

Many people are turning to private Airbnbs, although many Airbnbs also prefer no smoking on their properties. If you are caught smoking in a restricted area in Los Cabos, you could face a fine of up to $220 or even jail time. 

Crowded los cabos beach on a sunny day

Safety In Los Cabos

Some people question the safety of Los Cabos since the area is still known to have common scams, pushy street vendors, and sometimes even serious crimes. However, the region has regularly been voted the safest place in Mexico, and the government is working hard to protect tourists. 

Some measures include deploying the military to patrol public areas and installing hundreds of security cameras in the main tourist zone. Aside from remaining vigilant towards scammers and ensuring your safety on Los Cabos’ beaches, there is little else to worry about. 

CCTV video cameras in tourist area

Monetary scams are still seen regularly in the area, including a number of timeshare scams as soon as you step off the plane at Los Cabos airport. Ensure you have booked a reputable taxi or Uber, and remember that all other transfers go from outside the airport, even if someone is offering a supposedly free holiday. 

Say No To Beach Vendors

Beach vendors can be a hassle in Los Cabos despite the government’s crackdown. The easiest way to avoid them is by staying at one of the area’s luxury resorts which generally has private areas on beaches for guest use, where outsiders are not allowed. 

If you do visit one of Los Cabos’ many beautiful beaches and find yourself approached by a vendor, a simple ‘No, thank you’ (No, gracias) should be more than enough. 

Local beach vendors selling hats and jewellery in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Is Expensive

As Los Cabos has shot up in popularity over the past few years, it may be obvious that prices have gone up in the destination. However, most people don’t know that Los Cabos is the most expensive holiday destination in Mexico, so prepare ahead. 

Spa Hotel Los Cabos

The main expenses you’ll find in Los Cabos are accommodation and tours. The average nightly rate in the region has risen to more than $400 per night, while in general, on a week’s trip, most people spend around $2,500, almost double what visitors spend even in areas such as Cancun and Tulum.

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