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3 Ways Los Cabos Will Become Safer For Tourists In 2024

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Despite report after report ranking Los Cabos as one of the safest municipalities in Mexico, the local authorities keep introducing new measures to regularly increase the city’s safety levels

Beautiful beach in Los Cabos on a sunny day

With the arrival of the new year, the local government has decided to launch a variety of operations whose aim is to make sure tourists will feel safer than ever when visiting. 

But what do the new measures consist of, and how will they deter criminals from committing fraud and scams? 

Here are three ways Los Cabos will become safer for tourists in 2024. 

Better surveillance systems 

According to the Secretary of Public Security of Baja California Sur, Alfredo Cancino Vicente, modern surveillance throughout the municipality will be modernized to fight crimes of all types. 

Surveillance camera

Talking about this initiative, he declared: “Among the projects for 2024 is the modernization of the C4 (…).” These are a type of camera working in cooperation with a host Personal Computer and providing police with live images of the area that is being controlled. 

Alfredo Cancino Vicente added: “This will logically bring us greater capacity to investigate crimes and prevent them.”

According to him in 2024, the cameras will be permanent, allowing police officers to access old footage in case of a crime: “The project is to carry out patrols using the C4 on a permanent basis. The drone units have been trained to be able to deal with various crimes in a more professional, more efficient way and with greater reaction capacity,” said Alfredo Cancino Vicente. 

Aerial view of the famous arch in Los Cabos

During the interview, he also said that this surveillance camera upgrade is not the only initiative put in place by the local government to increase safety levels in 2024. According to Alfredo Cancino Vicente, the secretary of Public Security in Baja California Sur was also given a new fleet of unmanned vehicles that will help police officers patrol larger areas in this Mexican state.  

Better road conditions

Mobility has always been one of tourists’ main concerns when visiting Los Cabos. The constant traffic, poor road conditions, and damaged infrastructure often cause car crashes, leading to serious injuries. 

This is why the municipality of Los Cabos is now putting an effort into improving its road conditions in the hope of limiting the number of crashes constantly taking place in its territories. 

Portrait of Mexican policemen in the zocalo in Mexico City on independence day

Not by chance, according to data published by the National Transparency Portal, the number of accidents recorded in the municipality of Los Cabos has experienced an increase of 63.6% in 2023 compared to 2022. 

Despite this, it is still unclear how the mobility issue will be solved in the municipality, however, according to The Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic of Los Cabos, Captain Jesús, the key is awareness. 

In the past, several initiatives with the aim of fixing broken streets and patching potholes while replacing broken traffic lights were launched in Los Cabos. 

Two cars in a crash accident

An example of this is the popular Permanent Pothole Program.

Thanks to this initiative, over 1,000 potholes in the Los Cabos municipality have been fixed. Workers employed in this program also painted curbs and re-established public lighting to completely restore the local roads to their initial conditions. 

On top of this, new projects are constantly being proposed to the competent authorities in an attempt to speed up the regular congestion affecting this area.  

More police officers 

Last but not least, Los Cabos is now hiring new police officers to keep patrolling the streets of its municipality. 

Police officers in Mexico

On January 2nd, The Directorate of Social Communication of Public Security, Preventive Police, and Municipal Transit announced that the municipality is now looking for new police officers to add to their police forces. 

The base salary is set to 11,200 pesos per month, which is equal to approximately 650$. On top of this, new officers will be given the opportunity to take part in training opportunities for growth and promotions.

More police officers obviously means more patrols and fewer crimes in the municipality further increasing the already high safety levels of Los Cabos. 

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