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3 Safety Warnings You Should Never Ignore In Los Cabos

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Local authorities in Los Cabos will put out warnings from time to time to ensure that tourists and locals remain safe.

Most of these warnings have to do with weather issues and the effects that these end up having.

Most common of these warnings show their effects strongest at the beach, where tourists should look out for the flags that are planted there to let them know what to expect.

3 Warning Signs Set Up In A Cabo Beach

Some of the other signs or warnings that are put out by local authorities may not be as easy to spot.

They could certainly, though, be of equal importance to ensure that you remain safe during your time in Cabo. 

With that in mind, here are 3 safety warnings you should never ignore in Los Cabos:

Sign on beach in Los Cabos warning people not to swim

Weather Advisory Warnings & Recommendations 

Luckily Cabo is not known for being a destination that gets hit by high-category hurricanes.

However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be weather-related warnings put out by local authorities. For example, there’s an ongoing recommendation for travelers coming to Cabo this summer, reminding them to stay hydrated and wear something to cover their heads if they plan to be in the sun for extended periods.

These precautions are meant to avoid health issues such as heat strokes due to the high temperatures that are expected to be present in the coming weeks.

Stormy Day in Cabo overlooking the marina with a view of boats while it's raining.

Although, as was mentioned previously, major storms don’t traditionally hit Cabo too hard, when storms do approach, it’s wise to follow the recommendations set by local authorities.

During and after heavy rains, flooding is one of the main issues that Cabo regulars have to deal with after storms. It’s a good idea to stay informed if you come to Cabo during storm season.

If you’re staying at a local resort during these times, hotel staff will promptly inform you of where you need to be, particularly if there’s a need to evacuate the hotel facilities

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Flooded Cabo Street

Follow The Warnings Established By The Beach Flags

Sadly, ignoring the warnings set by the red flags on the beach and the fact that there were no lifeguards on duty due at the time cost the life of a teen in recent weeks.

Red flags on Cabo beaches mean that there should be no one in the water.

Red Flag On A Beach Indicating No Swimming

Similarly, if you see a black flag on the beach, it may be best to just head to the pool area at your hotel or another form of entertainment for the day.

White flags are also important to keep an eye out for. You may not see the massive waves at the beach when these flags are waving, but they indicate the presence of jellyfish and other potentially poisonous animals.

Therefore, swimming under these conditions is again not recommended. 

White flag waving in a beach means jelly fish in the area

Watch Out For Sanitation & Food Warnings Put Out By Local Authorities

Local authorities will put out warnings from time to time about certain food items that you should refrain from consuming.

Currently, there’s an ongoing warning to ensure that people refrain from eating certain types of shellfish. Things like oysters and mussels could be infected by a toxin that was recently discovered in the sea near Cabo.

Shrimp Tostada at a Mexican Street Food Cart

With the rising temperatures, it may also be a bad idea to eat seafood at street food venues in Los Cabos. A lot of times, these spots don’t have the right facilities to be able to store their food.

As the temperature rises, their food could go bad much more quickly than it would at a properly established restaurant with the right facilities. 


Oddly enough, after heavy rains and floods, it’s also common to see authorities put out warnings against eating at street food venues.

In these situations, the warnings could come as a result of sewage leaks that happen because of the floods.

Simply put, you don’t want to be eating off plates that were washed in that kind of water. There can be backflow in the local water supply, and that could lead to a rise in digestive issues for the population. Be on the lookout for those warnings as well.

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