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3 Reasons Why This Year Is The Best Yet To Visit Los Cabos

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Every year, more and more tourists decide to opt for Los Cabos for their holidays.

This popular destination has recently grown a reputation for being one of the best spots of luxury tourism in Mexico.

View of El Medano and cabo

Not by chance, thousands of tourists are expected to crowd this municipality for the upcoming spring break.

But there are a few extra reasons why 2024 may be the best year to visit this unique Mexican municipality.

Here are three reasons why this year is the best yet to visit Los Cabos. 

Fewer Tourists 

2024 is what experts have begun to call an ‘election year’. This is because a total of 64 countries will be called to vote in the upcoming months, including citizens of the US, Mexico, and the EU. 

Sailboat along coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

According to a recent estimate, roughly 49% of the world’s population will have to choose which political party will govern its country in the upcoming months. This will obviously have a huge effect on several sectors, and tourism is no exception. 

In particular, experts believe that the so-called ‘election year’ may lead to a 30% decrease in tourists heading to Mexico. 

In this regard, Mauricio Salicrup, the Head of the Administrative Council of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, stated: “In the case of the United States (…) we have (…) a decrease in demand of approximately 30% due to the elections in that country.”

Sunset on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This will have a huge impact on the Mexican state of Baja California Sur as among international tourists, Americans tend to be the most numerous here.

The Head of the Administrative Council of the Los Cabos Hotel Association later added: “We had a winter that was already influenced [by this] and we know that we will receive less tourism.”

Mauricio Salicrup explained that the Administrative Council, together with Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), is now trying to implement new initiatives to lead more tourists to choose this destination. 

Plane flying with clouds and blue sky in the background

Despite this, experts believe that Los Cabos will welcome fewer tourists this year compared to previous ones. But what does this mean for tourists?

In light of this, those planning to book a holiday to Los Cabos in 2024 will find fewer people to crowd the most popular sites in the area, including the famous Los Cabos arch and popular beaches, such as El Médano Beach and Lover’s Beach. 

Cheaper prices

Fewer tourists also means cheaper prices. Unlike in past years, travelers heading here won’t necessarily have to book their accommodation months in advance to find the perfect deal. 

The colorful and busy cruise port with shops, cafes and boats in the marina along the Mexican Riviera at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Not by chance, but data suggest that visitors heading to Los Cabos are now booking their holidays roughly 45 days before their departure rather than 60 days as they used to in past years.

This gives tourists more time to plan their holidays instead of having to organize their trip over two months before their actual vacation. 

On top of this, considering that fewer tourists are now expected to crowd Los Cabos in 2024, it is reasonable to think that fewer hotels and resorts will run out of suites and properties. 

This means that compared to past years, travellers will be able to choose among more accommodation options able to suit all pockets. 


Plenty of direct flights

Last but not least, Los Cabos is currently connected via direct flight to plenty of US cities. With 28 cities to choose from, US citizens are now spoiled for choices. 

Some of the US cities with direct flights to Los Cabos include San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, and Kansas City, just to mention a few. 

Direct flights are a great opportunity for American tourists to head to Los Cabos for a weekend to then head back home to start their working week. 

Plane ready to take off

People choosing this destination for a short getaway should also keep in mind that Los Cabos is on the Mexican Pacific Standard Time (GMT -7). 

This means that regardless of your area of departure, you will only experience a maximum of two hours difference, allowing you to go back to work on Monday morning without dealing with the negative effects of jet lag. 

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