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3 Los Cabos Attractions You Should Expect Crowds At This Summer And Where To Go Instead

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Some of the top Cabo attractions are likely going to get crowded over the summer as both local and foreign tourists flock to the Mexican Pacific.

If you’re someone who isn’t a big fan of crowds, you’re going to be in luck if you come to Cabo. There’s arguably always going to be an alternative attraction that you can visit which won’t be as crowded as the main ones that show up on the postcards.

In choosing a less crowded attraction, you may not only be avoiding wait times but potentially even saving some money in the process.

Recent picture of the Los Cabos arch

Switch The Los Cabos Arch For Cabo Pulmo

The Los Cabos Arch is, without a doubt, the most popular landmark in the region. When we talked about places that show up on postcards, this was the one we were thinking about.

On a busy day though, your visit to the Los Cabos Arch could include the company of multiple other boats. Some of which could actually obstruct your view.

Plus, if you want to head to Lover’s Beach while on this tour, expect that area to be crowded as well. 

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

Cabo Pulmo may not have a landmark like the arch for you to marvel at. It does, however, feature a much more diverse natural habitat to explore.

The area is called the world’s aquarium for a reason. If you are looking for a more active boat tour experience than just heading out to the arch, this can be a perfect option.

Snorkeling or diving in this area is going to be much more entertaining than doing so around the arch. Plus, there are usually fewer people booking tours here than there will be at the arch. 

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couple snorkeling in blue waters

Instead Of Dining At The Los Cabos Marina, Head To Downtown San Jose del Cabo or Flora Farms

Lunch or dinner at the Los Cabos Marina is one of the highlights of many people’s Cabo trips for sure. Getting a table on a busy summer day can be challenging.

Also, since people love to walk around the Marina area, it’s not just inside the restaurant where it’s going to get crowded.

You’ll have to walk in large crowds to get to the restaurant. To make sure you have a chance of getting a table, you may need to make reservations days in advance. 

Tourists Walking In The Cabo San Lucas Marina

There are a couple of things that you can do if you still want to eat a nice meal but avoid the crowds. One of them is to head to the restaurants in the San Jose del Cabo downtown area.

Even if there are many people walking down those streets, it’s a larger area with more options, and therefore you typically won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Plus, prices in San Jose del Cabo are known for being a tad less expensive than in the Cabo San Lucas Marina. 

Woman With a Bottled Water in a San Jose del Cabo Restaurant

Another great alternative is to book a table at the famous Flora Farms restaurant. This can give you a great outdoor experience, granted, without the ocean view, but you’ll still have a chance to enjoy fine dining.

You can bet that you won’t see a ton of people crowding the gardens around Flora Farms as you would see at the dock in the Marina. 

Head To Playa Palmilla or Playa Chileno Instead of El Medano

The early summer days have proven to be challenging for Los Cabos’ most popular beach El Medano. Parking availability was not enough for the droves of cars who tried to make their way to the beach.

This caused a considerable traffic jam near the main beach area over the weekend. El Medano may be the most popular Cabo beach, and the one where you’ll find more dining and entertainment options.

The crowds though may prove too much for some beachgoers who may want to look elsewhere for their Cabo beach experience. 

Crowded los cabos beach on a sunny day

Playa Palmilla along the tourism corridor is one of the best alternatives. It’s typically a beach that locals like to visit.

One of the main reasons why locals like it is because it’s not filled with tourists. The public beach area is considered by many the cleanest public beach in Los Cabos. 

View of Chileno Beach Los Cabos, Mexico

Another calm beach that could serve as a good substitute for El Medano is Playa Chileno. You won’t find as many people trying to sell you things here.

Plus, it’s typically a beach with small waves where you can spend the day away from the large crowds that are sure to gather at El Medano.

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