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5 Things To Avoid On Your Los Cabos Summer Vacation 

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Los Cabos is a place where tourists go to have fun, experience an adventure, enjoy the amazing beaches, and get a little rest and relaxation.   

With the anticipation of all that is going on, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and make hasty decisions that might affect your vacation.   

So here are five things you’ll want to avoid on your Los Cabos summer vacation to make it the best that it can be.   

Aerial View of Cabo San Lucas Marina

Vacationing In Cabo 

Vacationing in Los Cabos is not like vacationing in other Mexican vacation destinations.   

The striking contrast between the desert and the sea, the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, and the luxurious all-inclusive resorts are just a few of the things that make Los Cabos so special.   

But as with anywhere, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid when planning and during your vacation. 

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Avoid The Shark Tank At The Airport 

The “Shark Tank” we’re referring to isn’t necessarily dangerous, but getting caught up in it isn’t the best way to start a vacation.   

It’s an area in the airport that you’ll go through before getting outside in which you’ll be bombarded with timeshare salespeople.   

They’ll do anything to try to convince you to attend a presentation, including but not limited to lying about being your transportation.  Avoid them at all costs; it’s probably not worth your cherished vacation time.   

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Avoid Picking The Wrong Area To Stay 

There are three different areas that you can stay in when visiting Los Cabos, and you want to stay where you’ll get the experience you’re looking for.  The areas include: 

  • Cabo San Lucas – More of a party atmosphere. 
  • San Jose del Cabo – Quieter, more authentic. 
  • Tourist Corridor – Secluded and quiet with great beaches. 

Each has something to offer, and all of them have some great all-inclusive resorts.  But avoid picking the wrong one and not having the vacation you hoped for. 

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Avoid Becoming A Victim Of The Desert Climate  

Even though there is water everywhere in Los Cabos, there is still a desert climate.   

It can get very hot and dry, making it easy to get sunburn, dehydration, and even sun poisoning.   

Sunscreen helps some, but you should also try to stay in the shade at times, drink lots of water, and don’t underestimate the sun on a cloudy day. 

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Avoid Dangerous Water 

If you’ve never been to Los Cabos before, you might not realize that not all of the beaches are swimmable.   

It’s important to avoid swimming in the water at these beaches because they have strong waves and rip currents that can carry you out to sea.   

In Los Cabos, you’ll notice they use a flag warning system, and if you see a red or black flag, it means don’t swim.  

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Avoid Online Scams 

Just recently, Los Cabos officials warned tourists of the growing number of online scams as they reportedly just got done taking down as many as 23 fraudulent websites at the time.   

These consisted of, among others, travel booking sites, hotel reservation sites, and even sites that were offering passports to travelers.   

Be sure any purchases you make are from a reputable website with good security practices in order to protect not just your money but possibly your safety as well. 

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Los Cabos Summers 

If you want to avoid crowds and save a little money, summer is a great time to visit Los Cabos.   

And if you avoid these things, you can have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

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