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Why Travelers Are Falling In Love With This Charming Destination Near Los Cabos

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It’s about two hours away from Los Cabos, yet it feels even more far away than that.

La Paz is a place where tourists can go to find a more traditional feeling of a Baja California town than the tourist destination of Los Cabos.

The capital of the State of Baja California Sur, La Paz is an underrated destination where many travelers find a unique Mexican experience of a lifetime.

Venture to La Paz

La Paz is a two-hour day trip from Los Cabos. However, it seems these days that the day trip to La Paz is actually turning into a more significant part of a vacation getaway.

Traditionally, while international visitors have flocked to Los Cabos as the beach resort destination, vacation travelers from Mexico have enjoyed La Paz as their go-to Baja California getaway.

The town has been coming more into its own recently instead of simply being a day trip Los Cabos destination.

In fact, according to tourism officials, the satisfaction level of tourists who visit La Paz is 99 percent. For the other one percent, well, there is still Los Cabos.

The Laz Paz sign on the malecon

Let’s explore a couple of the reasons why La Paz is such a popular place for a vacation getaway in Baja California Sur.

Encounters With Nature

There are few towns near Los Cabos that can rival the opportunities for tourists to get close and connect to nature than La Paz.

La Paz is one of the best places in the area to take to the water and enjoy watching Whales in the Gulf of California.

people on boat whale watching

During their 10,000-mile migration, pods of whales come together to feed in the waters off La Paz, much to the delight of nature-focused tourists.

It is also a place for tourists looking for some adventure by swimming with whale sharks.

The gentle giants of the sea, tourists love the opportunity to get in the water and up close with some of the most amazing creatures in the ocean. The best spot for this is La Paz.

There are so many other amazing places to explore nature near La Paz, such as Espiritu Santo Island, that a tourist to the area could spend their entire vacation getaway enjoying the unique creatures of the sea.

Espiritu Santo Island

Fantastic Sun, Sand and Surf

Los Cabos might be a popular place for a beach resort destination. However, many travelers to La Paz will say that Playa Balandra in La Paz can rival anything on the west side of the peninsula.

Considered one of the best beaches in the entire country, the soft white sand of Playa Balandra is captivating and mesmerizing all in one.

The shallow waters encourage exploration as tourists enjoy the sand between their toes.

Balandra Beach in La Paz

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Playa Balandra, a timed entry and bracelet system has been put into place to limit the sustainability impact of visitors on the very specific beach ecosystem.

Along with amazing beaches, La Paz has some of the most authentic dining experiences in Baja California Sur to engage the imagination of any strict foodie.

The seafood simply does not get any fresher than in La Paz. In fact, it could be considered the capital of Chocolate Clams.

A Fun Place for Tourists

Statues along the promenade in La Paz, Mexico

Next time visitors come to enjoy a vacation getaway to Los Cabos, they should consider spending at least a couple of days in La Paz.

Especially if they are interested in the travel trends of nature and sustainability.

La Paz is a destination that will definitely give tourists a different perspective on life in Baja California Sur with a trip that is a unique traditional Mexican experience.

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