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Los Cabos Authorities Warn Tourists To Avoid Street Food And Beaches Right Now 

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Two things that tourists love to do when visiting Los Cabos are indulge in some street food and spend some time on the beaches.   

But Los Cabos authorities are warning tourists to avoid both street food and beaches right now.   

The warning stems from issues resulting from the excessive rain caused by Hurricane Lidia that the area has received over the last several days.   

Mexican Street Food Vendors Cooking Outdoors

Reason For The Warning 

While it may seem strange that excessive rain would cause street food stalls and the beaches to be closed, it’s what the rain does that causes the problem.   

According to authorities, the heavy rain has led to sewage overflows that are causing two issues. 

  1. Overflowed sewer water being carried by streams to the seawater. 
  1. Unsanitary conditions for food vendors resulting from the sewer water overflow. 
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When Street Food Sales Will Be Safe Again  

There is no set timeframe for when street food sales will begin again.   

Officials are saying only that tourists should avoid street food until the damages are repaired and the streets are clean.   

Vendors are being instructed on how to sanitize their stalls and prevent gastrointestinal illnesses deriving from bacterial contamination. 


So. Much. Street. Food! Came across this popup street food fest in Los Cabos, Mexico. Which would you try first?

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How Long You Should Wait To Visit The Beaches To Be Safe 

In the case of the beaches, there is a more set timeframe for when they will be safe again.   

This is likely due to the fact that officials have some idea as to how long bacteria will last in the seawater.   

The estimated timeframe that they have given is five days from the announcement, which was made following Sunday’s intense rainfall.   



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What Officials Are Doing To Keep Tourists From Getting Sick 

In addition to warning the public, Los Cabos authorities are taking a number of steps to protect the public and tourists from getting sick.   

As mentioned before, they are providing information to vendors on how to properly sanitize stalls, surrounding sidewalks, and utensils used for cooking.   

They are also inspecting any vendor that they receive a complaint from to ensure they are following the necessary protocols.   

Street Food Vendor Los Cabos, Mexico

Where To Eat When You Can’t Eat Street Food 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for dining out in Los Cabos other than street food stalls, so you’ll have no trouble finding a place to dine.   

There are numerous highly-rated restaurants in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, including many authentic Mexican restaurants where you can indulge in similar items to what you would find at a street food vendor.   

If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, the on-site restaurants are perfectly safe to eat at right now too.   

Tacos and Drinks at a Beachfront Restaurant

Hurricane Lidia’s Effect On Los Cabos  

Other than causing excessive rains that have caused these sewer issues, Los Cabos was not affected by Hurricane Lidia.   

The storm did make landfall on Mexico’s Pacific coast, but it hit the western coast of Mexico’s mainland, southeast of Los Cabos and the Baja Peninsula.   

The storm has now dissipated, and Los Cabos is in the clear.    

Large Waves at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hurricane Season In Los Cabos 

Hurricane season in the Pacific starts around mid-May and lasts through November, so Los Cabos is not out of the woods yet.   

That being said, Los Cabos rarely gets the brunt of Pacific storms and has only been minimally affected by the few storms that have developed during this year’s hurricane season.   

Still, it never hurts to play it safe, and one way to do that is to book travel insurance to protect yourself and your trip during the Los Cabos hurricane season. 

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