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Los Cabos Tourists Will Be Able To Swim With Whale Sharks Starting In October

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It’s one of the ways that tourists can start to feel that Fall is in the air in Los Cabos.

No, I am not discussing the cooler weather coming to Los Cabos. Instead, this story is all about the restarting of whale shark swimming season just days away in October.

Let The Season Begin!

On your mark. Get set. Go!


Starting October 1, the 200 boats owned by 48 different licensed companies will take to the sea around La Paz for the opening of the whale shark excursion season.

The chance to swim with the gentle giants of the sea is in big demand every year, with many visitors to Los Cabos sharing the experience live on social media channels.

The full-day tour in La Paz generally includes a wildlife adventure tour to interact with other sea life offshore the very popular tourist attraction Isla Espíritu Santo, known as Espiritu Santo Island.

The combination tour gives local travelers to Los Cabos and La Paz a good sense of the biodiversity of sea creatures to enjoy in Baja California Sur.

Boats of tourists surround whale sharks in the sea

How Much Does It Cost?

A whale shark swimming adventure will set tourists to Los Cabos back about $1,800 Mexican pesos, or about $105 dollars, in a sample tour found on the web.

The six-hour boat excursion includes food, swimming with sea lions, a special bracelet to enter natural protected areas, educational presentations about the animals and the island, and a two to three-hour supervised tour to swim with whale sharks.

This tour is only available from October through April, depending on the number of animals available in the channel.

Isla Espiritu Santo

Meanwhile, a sample trip out to Isla Espíritu Santo with an opportunity to only swim with the playful sea lions will cost tourists to Los Cabos about $1,200 Mexican pesos, or about $70 dollars.

The adventure trip includes food on the beach along with an educational presentation about islands and sea life at multiple focus points.

The food includes a sandwich, fruit, water, and soft drinks in the sand. If a visitor wants a different menu, they should bring that along on their own.

The seven-hour tour leaves La Paz at 10:30 a.m. and returns at 5:30 p.m.

Whale Shark Swimming Near a Tourist in La Paz

What is a Whale Shark?

Despite the scary name, the whale shark is not really a dangerous creature of the deep.

Whale sharks are more whales than sharks, feeding mostly on plankton and small sea creatures.

They are still pretty amazing, with the title of the largest fish ever to live in the ocean, averaging between 18 and 22 feet in length. The longest one was more than an amazing 60 feet in length.

Young Tourist Watching a Whale Shark from a Boat in La Paz, Mexico

Despite their size and history of coming to Baja California every Fall through Spring, little is actually known about their lives and behavior.

That’s why most whale shark swimming adventures are by tour system and buddy swimmer by a knowledgeable attendant only.

It is also to not dramatically impact the environment and lifestyle of the animals in the sea.

An Experience to Remember Forever

Diver taking a selfie with a whale shark

A whale shark tour is something every tourist to Los Cabos should experience to better understand these gentle giants and appreciate the biodiversity of sea life in Los Cabos.

For most travelers to Los Cabos, it is a “bucket list” item, just like going whale watching to spot a California Gray Whale.

Visitors to Los Cabos who are fascinated by sea creatures should plan ahead for limited whale shark swimming availability during the availability season running from October until April.

It truly will be worth the investment of time driving to La Paz along with the cost of the six-hour tour.

Don’t miss this true adventure of a lifetime that will make your friends jealous of your vacation getaway to Los Cabos!

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Wednesday 20th of September 2023

It's a 6 hour tour not a 6 day tour just helping you out. It might scare people away from you great ad!!