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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit These 2 Charming Towns Near Los Cabos

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The area surrounding Los Cabos is renowned for its many little villages that give tourists an authentic glimpse of Mexican culture. 

El Migriño and La Candelaria are just two of the many towns worth visiting on a trip here. But why should tourists explore these areas right now? 

View of cabo

Here are five reasons why this is the perfect time to visit these two charming villages near Los Cabos:

Great weather for outdoor activities

February is also perfect for trying outdoor activities in these areas, thanks to the mild temperatures characterizing Baja California Sur in this period of the year. 

ATV tours in Cabo San Lucas

In particular, Migriño is renowned for its ATV tours as well as horseback riding adventures. Tourists choosing the latter will be able to explore the local cactus-lined arroyo pits in the company of these majestic animals.

This is also the perfect time to go sightseeing in La Candelaria. Explore the local cathedral or wander through the picturesque orchards found in this little village. 

Great surfing conditions

Close to Migriño, tourists will find several spots where to try water sports, such as surfing. It’s important to keep in mind that waves here are no jokes, meaning that beginners should probably opt for another place to start practicing this sport. 

Two surfers in Los Cabos waiting for the perfect wave

While tourists can surf in Los Cabos all year round, conditions on the Pacific Ocean are ideal between November and April, while the best period to surf on the Sea of Cortez side is from May to October.

This makes February one of the best periods to tame the Pacific waves in Migriño. 

Surfer catching a wave in blue ocean

Whale watching

Migriño is also a popular spot for whale watchers. Every winter, these massive giants move to Baja California to make the most out of the warm temperatures here before leaving again. 

Whale lovers cannot miss the opportunity to book a boat tour to see these gigantic mammals in their natural habitat. 

Some of the specimens that can be found in this Mexican state include humpback whales, blue whales, gray whales, as well as killer whales. 

Whale Coming Out of the Water in La Paz, Mexico

Cleaner than ever

According to local news, the local government has recently decided to invest money in a cleaning project focusing on the roads leading to both Migriño and La Candelaria. 

Deteriorated road in Mexico

The works were carried out by the staff of the coordination of Public Services in Los Cabos. According to the Head of the area, Alejandro Marón, these involved general cleaning projects as well as maintenance works to prevent local streams from overflowing. 

This means that visitors heading to these towns in the near future will find spaces that are cleaner than usual.

Better connection

Of course, these cleaning initiatives are not only good for the aesthetics of these towns.

They are also necessary for locals and tourists alike to move comfortably from the main cities in the municipality, such as San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, to these remote areas. 

Road in Baja California

Talking about these projects, Alejandro Marón declared: “On this occasion, we worked on cleaning the road that connects the Migriño subdelegation, as well as (…) La Candelaria.”

He later added: “The idea is to continue maintaining the roads of the municipality’s ranches, in addition to responding to the requests of the population, as instructed by the municipal president, Oscar Leggs Castro.” 

This is great news as the Los Cabos municipality is renowned for the poor condition of its roads. Thanks to this recent maintenance initiative, tourists will be able to drive to these two towns without having to worry about massive potholes blocking their path. 

grey whale spy hopping near whalewatching boat in magdalena bay baja california mexico

What you need to know about Migriño and La Candelaria

Are you ready to explore these two towns? Here are a few things to consider before your trip.  Migriño and La Candelaria are located roughly one hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas and are about one hour away from each other. 

Both places are extremely tiny, with only a few hundred people living here. While El Migriño is at a close distance to the Pacific Ocean, La Candelaria is located inland. So, make sure to keep this in mind when deciding which one to visit first.

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