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Why More Los Cabos Travelers Are Taking This Precaution For Their Trips

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A recent review by the International Medical Group (IMG), one of the most respected global travel insurance providers, has shown that this fall, Los Cabos and its sister destinations in Mexico have topped the list of choices for American travelers.

But, although the destination continues to skyrocket in popularity, the cost of a vacation in this slice of paradise has meant travelers are seeing the true value of travel insurance more than ever.

Here’s why travelers are choosing to insure their trip in greater numbers in 2023.

Why More Los Cabos Travelers Are Taking This Precaution For Their Trips

Bigger Cost, Bigger Potential Loss

Inflation has hit everyone’s pockets this past year, and nowhere is that more obvious than on a vacation abroad.

Travelers who visited last year and have recently rebooked for the fall or winter season will no doubt have noticed this price difference.

And while it isn’t all the fault of inflation that trips are costing more, with many travelers electing to have more active and adventurous trips that come with an expected price bump, the investment in the joyous experience of a Los Cabos vacation is becoming too big to not insure.

In fact, the numbers are already showing how important this is to many travelers, with this fall period seeing a whopping 34% increase in travel protection purchases than the same season in 2022.

Los Cabos marina

Hurricane Season

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to make sure you’re insured while visiting Los Cabos in the fall is the simple fact that it’s the height of the hurricane season.

Just a few short weeks ago, we saw Hurricane Hilary snake up through Los Cabos and eventually hit California.

A hurricane approaching los cabos with dark skies out to the ocean

Thankfully, the storm didn’t cause any severe damage, but it did cause a lot of disruption to travel plans, including stories of travelers being stranded at the airport without the extra funds planned to book an alternative flight or emergency accommodation.

Both things that, with the right travel insurance, become nothing more than an administration exercise. Which is certainly a better alternative to being seriously out of pocket and over budget.

Tired Tourist At Airport

Hindsight Is Never Helpful

There is a huge number of situations where travel insurance can save travelers from costly and stressful situations, which is the last thing anyone wants to be lumped with while on vacation.

They range from mild inconveniences such as travel delays, canceled flights, or total trip cancellations.

Departure Board at Los Cabos Airport Showing Delayed Flights

Right up to life-threatening and highly charged situations such as medical emergencies, evacuation, and even legal and personal liability expenses.

With the relatively tiny cost of good coverage, which can be as little as $10 depending on the insurance provider, it’s almost too costly not to get covered.

After all, that’s cheaper than the average cocktail in a lively Los Cabos nightclub or bar.

A couple toasting cocktails by a pool

Purchase With Care

It seems almost everything in the modern world requires some form of insurance; phones, cars, and even Apple AirPods can be insured.

Travelers would be forgiven for taking the first insurance option they click on after a fast Google search, but this is an instance where it is super important to double-check exactly what is and isn’t covered.

For example, getting a great deal on an insurance package, to then realize later at the point of no return that it doesn’t contain hurricane insurance while visiting Los Cabos in hurricane season could create a facepalm moment.

Also, check if the package covers everyone who needs it. Many insurance packages only cover an individual, but there are many fantastic coverage plans for the whole family as well.

Young Family Enjoying Cabo Beach

How Difficult Is It To Claim?

Most people know someone with an insurance claim horror story full of frustration and foxy moves on the part of the insurance provider to get out of a claim. But for the most part, the travel insurance industry has a pretty positive reputation.

They still require a lot of details for claims, which often come with time limits. These sometimes go up to 3 months, although that depends completely on each insurer and is another detail to search out.

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