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Why Los Cabos Is The Number One Destination For This Trending Ocean Activity 

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One of the primary tourist attractions in Los Cabos is the aquamarine waters. 

Home to incredible plants and sealife, the Sea of Cortez surrounding Baja California Sur is the perfect place for anyone who loves ocean-based activities.  

Travelers from all over the world go to Los Cabos to kayak, paddleboard, scuba dive, snorkel, whale watch, and swim with dolphins, exploring the amazing blue depths. 

Boats in Los Cabos

Tourists also often book boat tours with private companies ranging in price and luxury to venture into the ocean waters and learn more about the biodiversity found in the gentle waves. 

One of the water activities that has been rising in popularity is sport fishing

boat on the water during sunset

Back in February, studies found that sport fishing was contributing $70 million pesos to the Mexican economy, and was predicted to only continue exponentially growing in terms of profit. 

According to a recent statement made by Clicerio Mercado, a representative of Bisbee’s for Mexico (a fishing goods store), 30% of Los Cabos’ tourist income has been attributed to sport fishing. 

Now you might be wondering: What is sport fishing, and why is it suddenly so popular? Continue reading to gain an understanding of what sport fishing is, and why so many tourists are flocking to Los Cabos to do it. 

What is sport fishing? 

A sport that isn’t commercial and therefore isn’t conducted for profit. 

Rather, sport fishing is a form of deep-sea fishing that anyone, regardless of whether they’ve ever held a fishing rod or not, can do. 

Individuals and organizations obtain licenses to bring tourists on sport fishing expeditions or go on their own. 

woman fishing on the beach los cabos

Depending on the fisherman or woman, sport fishers either consume the fish they catch or practice catch and release and make sure the fish stays alive before and after being caught. 

By booking a tour with a Los Cabos local group or chartering a boat yourself, you can try to catch fish commonly found in Los Cabos waters like marlin, dorado, or yellowfish tuna. 

Why go sport fishing in Los Cabos?

 By going sport fishing in Los Cabos, you can engage in healthy competition and have fun with your friends and family.

With spectacular ocean views and knowledgeable guides, sport fishing is a suitable activity for any traveler, regardless of budget, interest, or experience level. 

whale tail in the ocean

The weather and water conditions make Los Cabos the ideal sport fishing destination

The waters of Los Cabos house a wide variety of different species of fish to catch, including the black marlin, snapper, blue marlin, cabrilla sea bass, striped marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi, sailfish, and many more.

fish in water

There are also numerous tournaments held every year in which locals and tourists can compete for cash prizes for their fresh catches. 

Just a few weeks ago, on August 25th and 26th, the annual El Gran Azul El Cardonal Sport Fishing Tournament was held in La Paz and had prizes ranging from $1,000- $5,000 pesos up to $200,000 pesos.

woman snorkeling

How to book your next sport fishing trip in Los Cabos 

In order to try your hand at sport fishing, you can peruse the various companies offering tours and day trips in Los Cabos. 

Depending on the species of fish you’re most interested in catching, there are different seasons that are more conducive to spotting them. 

The most popular season for sport fishing with the best availability in terms of fish to catch in Los Cabos is the fall. 

View of Land's End in Los Cabos in the Fall in September

By booking your next sport fishing adventure in the BCS with a group, the company will take you out to sea, provide you with all of the necessary fishing gear, and teach you how to catch as many fish as you can. 

TripAdvisor and Viator have comprehensive lists of the most highly-rated sport fishing booking groups, as well as many other reputable travel sites. 

With tour prices ranging from $500-$2,000 per group, there are plenty of options to choose from for your group’s sport fishing adventure. 

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