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3 Reasons Los Cabos Is The Best Destination For This Growing Travel Trend

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Los Cabos is quickly becoming known as a popular destination for many travelers, including those looking for luxury services, sportfishing and even foodie-focused tourism.

It is also becoming increasingly well known for adventure travel seekers with a number of heart-pounding experiences and tours to get the adrenaline flowing.

Here are three fun activities tourists make the way to Los Cabos for in search of experiences on the wild side.

Desert 4X4 Riding

Scenic view of a Los Cabos beach

Many tourists to Los Cabos have never spent much time in a desert, let alone exploring the dunes and dry river washes riding at 4X4.

Speeding along in the desert with the shrub bushes on either side, tourists find the solitude and remoteness of the desert an adventure in itself.

There are three main places in Los Cabos where adventure 4X4 riders go for some extra excitement. They are the remote corners of Todos Santos, Tierra Sagrada, and Playa Cerritos.

These tours are easily arranged by a local hotel front desk, or even an Airbnb host may be able to point a local visitor in the right direction of good deals on this desert outland adventure.

4X4 ATV riding in the desert of Los Cabos


Tourists have probably seen movies filmed at beach resort destinations where the tourist gets buckled in what looks like a big parachute and then is pulled behind a racing boat.

That’s the adrenaline-filled adventure sport of parasailing.

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Two People Parasailing Near the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Parasailing not only provides travelers to Los Cabos with a solution for the need for speed. It also provides the added feature of heights as the participant gets to sail over the ocean well above the water.

While it may be the most uncommon adventure sport for visitors from other countries, it is a very popular and well-known adventure experience in Los Cabos.

Travelers can find parasailing adventure providers either on local tourist beaches throughout Los Cabos or on major travel sites.

A typical parasailing excursion runs about $1500 pesos (about $88).

Boats In The Los Cabos Arch

Jet Ski Riding

Another way to combine the need for speed with the fantastic beaches of Los Cabos is with a jet ski excursion, zipping along the waves and feeling the spray of water on the face.

Jet skis can be ridden alone or even make a fun Los Cabos adventure excursion for a partner or friend.

This activity requires contracting with a jet ski provider and the tourist being of legal age while having a valid and present driver’s license at the time of the rental.

Jet ski riders in the ocean

Rules aside, it is one of the most popular traveler adventures on the beaches of Los Cabos.

However, there are some hazards to be aware of in this activity.

Tourists must be careful around unseen items in the water when riding jet skis and must follow the posted water regulations when the jet ski is active.

Traditionally, jet ski rentals run about $2000 pesos (about $117) for a typical three-hour rental period.

Jet ski plowing through a wave in the ocean

What Adventure Tourists Need To Know

Los Cabos is a great place for an adventure vacation getaway, with a number of great options available both on and off local beaches.

It’s best to ensure that safety standards are in place and a reputable vendor is selected for the service. Try to get recommendations from hotel front desks or Airbnb hosts to choose the best option.

It is also always a good idea to have travel insurance in place with coverage for adventure sports in advance of visiting Los Cabos.

Man Staring Out Over Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

While they tend to be a bit more expensive due to the risk, they provide peace of mind for a traveler in the event something unplanned occurs.

With all of the options in place – including fantastic adventure experiences connected to desert 4X4 riding, parasailing and jet ski riding – Los Cabos is a great vacation destination for adrenaline junkies to explore.

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