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Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For Medical Tourism

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Mexico, in general, has become one of the favorite destinations for medical tourism, particularly for Americans. In the last few weeks, though, there have been growing doubts about whether Cabo is a good destination for medical tourism. Specifically due to questions about the medicine that is being sold in Cabo pharmacies.


Despite that concerning fact, there are still multiple reasons why Cabo is actually a perfect destination for medical tourism. Of course, people who come to Cabo need to make good decisions when it comes to where they are getting their treatment.

Here are some of the reasons why Cabo is a great destination for medical tourism:

Ambulance parked outside Mexican hospital

Renowned Companies Are Building Hospitals In The Region

Spanish hospital brand Hospiten, as well as Saint Luke’s hospitals, have multiple facilities throughout Los Cabos. These two brands operate most of the private facilities in the region. The main reason why these hospitals are in place in the first place is to accommodate medical tourism enthusiasts. Tourists can check for insurance compatibility before they book their trip or set up an appointment at the facility. 

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Saint Luke's Hospital Building Parking Lot

There have been complaints filed by American tourists, particularly against Saint Luke’s hospital in Cabo San Lucas. It’s important to point out, though, that most of these instances have taken place through emergency care services.

According to a press release redacted by the US embassy, the facility has been known to withhold personal documents from patients who have trouble paying their bills. This is certainly concerning news. People who are looking to have a specific medical procedure performed in Los Cabos, though, can arrange things in such a way that they know what they’ll be charged ahead of time. This can help them avoid any payment issues that could result in unwanted situations.   

Doctors doing an MRI on a patient

Compatibility With Foreign Insurance Companies

As previously stated, many of the private hospitals in Los Cabos have programs to accommodate medical tourism patients. That means that you’re more likely to get help from doctors and personnel that speak English first and foremost. Also, Los Cabos hospitals are more likely to accept your foreign insurance policy.

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A lot of people run the risk of heading to other Mexican towns like Tijuana to get medical services without the need for insurance. While that’s something that you can also do in Los Cabos, it may not be the best course of action.

You can compare prices for different treatments online as well as explore the different medical facilities in Los Cabos before you book your trip. 

San Jose Del Cabo Hospital

Low-Cost Medical Treatment While Staying At An All Inclusive Resort

Naturally, not all of the medical procedures that can be performed in Los Cabos are going to require an extended hospital stay. For precautionary reasons, though, it would be a good idea to remain near the doctor that performed the procedure during the recovery period.

In Los Cabos, you can access lower-cost medical treatment when compared to U.S. rates. You could also potentially stay at a local all-inclusive resort as you recover near your doctor’s office. That certainly beats staying a couple of days in Tijuana or most other Mexican destinations that are known for medical tourism as you recover.

Tourists at Los Cabos Resort

The Counterfeit Medicine Issue Hovering Over Los Cabos

How can Los Cabos be a good destination for medical tourism when there’s an entire issue about counterfeit pills being sold in the area? Los Cabos is actually a very safe destination for medical tourism when it’s done the right way. That includes getting care from certified professionals in actual hospitals. They can point you in the right direction to pharmacies that sell only verified products. 

Man At A Pharmacy In Mexico

There’s actually a site run by the Mexican government where patients can double-check the credentials provided by their doctors in Los Cabos to make sure they are legit. You can input the name of the doctor and search for their license number that should be provided in their prescription or by their office. Also, refraining from purchasing medicine outside established pharmacy chains is a great way to avoid coming across any counterfeit pills.  

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