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New Los Cabos Hospital Announced For 2024 To Improve Tourists’ Access To Medical Care

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As Los Cabos continues to grow and attract new tourists, the infrastructure in the Mexican beach destination is being upgraded to accommodate the need. The latest announcement is for an investment of 500 million pesos for additional medical access for Los Cabos.

How The Funds Will be Allocated

Aerial view of san jose del cabo

The last hospital to open in Los Cabos, similar to the one announced, was over two decades ago, and the tourism growth has dramatically increased since 25 years ago. The new regional hospital will add an additional 20 beds and is slated to start development by early 2024.

In addition to the opening of the new regional hospital in Los Cabos, some of the 500 million pesos will also be used to upgrade general clinic facilities in the community that a frequented by visitors as well as locals.

San Jose Del Cabo Hospital

An estimated 40,000 people rely on access to healthcare at the clinics in Los Cabos. The funds can be used for additional medical equipment as well as upgraded facilities. Reports are that the Family Medical Unit plans the construction of two new clinics along with modifications at the Mariano Matamoros clinic.

The challenge for the funding to expand medical access in the community will be hiring medical personnel in the area. Additional efforts may be needed to recruit medical professionals from outside Los Cabos to staff the facilities, as well as working with local higher education facilities to increase the pipeline of credentialed medical staff.

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Delivery of medical care in Mexico

Current Access to Hospital Care in Los Cabos

The demand for healthcare is expanding in Los Cabos due to the demands of the rapidly growing tourism market as well growing population.

There are a number of hospitals available for medical care in Los Cabos. Although, one of the private hospitals, St. Luke’s Hospital, had some service issues with the treatment of tourists a little over a year ago. Other private hospital options include Hospital Reforma and AMC.

Saint Luke's Hospital Building Parking Lot

Other general hospital options in Cabo San Lucas serving tourists include General Hospital Cabo San Lucas and Hospiten Cabo San Lucas.

Several of the chains that assist tourists in Cabo San Lucas also have facilities to assist visitors in San Jose del Cabo.

Where to Go if You Need Assistance

Pharmacy In Mexico That You May Want To Think Twice About Using

While there are a number of hospitals in the area serving tourists, many tourist needs can be satisfied at a smaller clinic or even at a pharmacy.

Unlike in the United States, pharmacies are often the first stop for needed care with common ailments such as upset stomach, insect bites, and other similar ailments.

Pharmacists on staff are able to consult for simple medical issues and dispense needed medication for care. This can include common medications such as antidiarrheals and antibiotics.

Drug store in Mexico that sells local brand name medicine

When more urgent care is needed, the clinics fill in to help with more complex needs. The major concerns often are referred directly to hospital care.

United States Government Medical Assistance in Mexico

According to the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico, visitors to Los Cabos should expect to pay for their own medical care while visiting the area and should carry adequate travel medical insurance to cover their needs.

Medical evacuation to the United States is not always covered in travel medical insurance plans and can typically cost $10,000 or more, depending on the location and the medical need.

Medical Evacuation

While not covering the payment for medical care while visiting Los Cabos, United States Embassy and Consulate personnel can assist with locating medical care in Los Cabos and notifying your emergency contacts in the United States about your condition. It is recommended that visitors update the emergency contacts in their passports prior to travel.

They can also assist with the transfer of funds from the United States to pay for needed medical care. More details about the medical services provided by the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico are available on their Medical Care Abroad page.

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Wednesday 29th of March 2023

Whatever you do - AVOID St Luke's Hospital in Los Cabos at all costs!!! The US government issued a rare health alert in 2022 due to the predatory business practices of this scam hospital. You can read about it here: Link There's plenty of other horrific stories on the internet, just to mention a few: Link Link