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Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For 2024’s Top 3 Travel Trend Predictions

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At the center of travel, there have always been travel trends, a collective draw to new ideas and experiences, or even completely new ways to travel, that grip the collective travel community.

Furthermore, with the online connectivity we all now enjoy, these trends spread like wildfire, leading to fast uptake by the wider travel community.

With that being said, this is going to be another year where Los Cabos raises its hand as one of the very best destinations in the world, as it perfectly provides the conditions for the top 3 travel trend predictions of 2024.

These are this year’s top 3 travel trend predictions and why Los Cabos is perfect for them.

An aerial shot of the coastline along Cabo Pulmo

Sustainable Travel

Los Cabos is a perfect example of a destination that lives up to sustainable tourism. The natural world around Los Cabos is highly appreciated and respected by both locals and travelers alike, with over 42% of the state of Baja California Sur designated as a “protected natural area”.

This doesn’t mean that nearly half of all the land here is off-limits, but it does mean that great care and planning is taken to ensure that tourism has a positive and not a negative effect on the natural wealth to be found here.

One of the best examples of this is Cabo Pulmo. The world-famous marine park near Los Cabos is an eco-tourism gem, and home to some of the most majestic and abundant coral reefs and marine life.

Additionally, Los Cabos is a hugely important center for the conservation of endangered sea turtles, each year huge efforts are made to protect the 100s of nests throughout the area, with huge initiatives taking place to protect these nests from predators as well as the natural elements.

For travelers who want to proactively help out, many fantastic sea turtle conservation tours allow travelers to give hands-on help to these fantastic creatures, including helping them get from coast to ocean once they hatch, a rewarding experience that isn’t soon forgotten.

Furthermore, one of the biggest proofs we have of Los Cabos’ commitment to its environmental wealth is the huge number of Blue Flag certified beaches.

In fact, Los Cabos has a stunning 25 Blue Flag beaches thanks to the effort of the local authorities and the respectful travelers who enjoy them every year.

And it isn’t just the coastal regions that receive this care and attention; the movie-like Sierra de La Laguna mountain range is also diligently protected. It is also one of the most fantastic hikes in all of Mexico, leading through arid wilderness that is alive with wildlife.

Growing Shoulder Season

Los Cabos has traditionally seen its biggest crowds from December through to April, earning a reputation as one of the greatest Winter getaways in the world.

But there is a growing appreciation for shoulder season as a good time to visit Los Cabos, with the historically less-crowded months between May and November starting to draw in huge numbers.

One of the biggest reasons we’re seeing this trend of visiting during shoulder season is cost. As a destination that caters to luxury and high-end travel, visitors have never expected a budget vacation from Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

However, the explosive growth in popularity of the destination, along with the huge inflation over the past number of years, has seen many previously unconcerned travelers begin to look closer at what they’re getting for their money.

This is why the shoulder season is becoming more popular. Resorts, bars, and even restaurants often offer much better deals during this time of year to tempt travelers in. And as a bonus, the smaller crowds can be a positive to those seeking a relaxed vacation.

It should be noted, that as this trend becomes more popular we are moving to a future where Los Cabos is a truly “year-round” destination, so travelers who enjoy a slower-paced vacation should make use of Los Cabos shoulder season before it becomes just as busy as the high season.

Pacific Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Off-Path Wonders

The last trend making up 2024s top 3 predictions is off-the-beaten-path travel.

At first, that might not click when thinking of Los Cabos, but travelers would be pleasantly surprised at the fantastic range of things to see and do outside of the well-groomed destination of Los Cabos.

One of the greatest hidden gems in the area, and one that is fast becoming a favorite among travelers, is Todos Santos.

This small town north of Los Cabos along the West Coast is the perfect opportunity to experience the wild west charm of the state.

Dubbed by some as Baja California Sur’s answer to Tulum, it won’t be long before it becomes a huge destination in its own right, so travelers should have this old-world experience before it’s too late.

If a small town off the main highway isn’t quite off-path enough, then the stunning desert beauty found at Cañon de La Zorra (Fox Canyon) will scratch the adventurer’s itch.

With its picturesque setting among the desert landscape, hiking this canyon leads to a majestic pay-off with a 50-foot waterfall and an inviting freshwater pool.

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