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Why Tourists Are Becoming Disinterested In One Of Los Cabos’ Most Popular Areas

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No matter where we travel in the world, the last place we want to be is somewhere boring.

Yet that is the case for one of the most popular areas in Los Cabos, at least according to a new report.

The new report claims tourists are becoming disinterested in one of Cabo’s top draws for tourism, which is surprising considering Los Cabos had their best year ever on record.

medano beach in los cabos

Tourism is booming across Los Cabos, and across Mexico for that matter. While there are certainly overhyped destinations, Cabo doesn’t often find itself in that realm.

Travelers are generally satisfied with their trip, otherwise this vacation hotspot wouldn’t be able to charge premium prices.

Los Cabos seems to be trending upward with expectations of another huge year, so what is it about Medano that’s leaving tourists feeling “bleh”?

The Same ol’ Same ol’

playa medano in los cabos

Not only limited to Cabo tourists, travelers everywhere love checking out new, trendy spots. Medano just isn’t passing the vibe check with the same ol’ same ol’ bars, restaurants, and even pharmacies.

While there are certainly places around the world that have stood the test of time, this particular spot just isn’t living up to the hype right now.

Many Cabo travelers take time to see the famous El Arco.

Tourists don’t expect “the arch” to change, but society has changed around it. The rock formation remains the same, but now we can post photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok giving the attraction new life.

playa medano in cabo

Medano, on the other hand, is a dedicated tourist area. Without new offerings and many repeat vacationers, both locals and visitors feel it’s time for an upgrade.

Local Businesses Are Alarmed

Local businessmen in the region have seen a decline in visitors to the area, which is obviously a decline in sales as well.

For a place that thrives on tourism, this is a step in the wrong direction, especially after such a massive year.

vendors on beach in mexico

Ricardo Araoz, President of the Association of Settler Entrepreneurs of the Médano, has spoken out on the issues recently.

He said, “After the pandemic everything was a boom, because all the people wanted to go out, right now we have noticed that tourism has decreased, but they are different things.”

Furthermore, Araoz continued, “For example, you talk to some tourists and they tell you that they are very expensive right now because the value of the dollar has been lowering against the peso.”

Value is a concern for tourists, even in a luxury destination. After splurging on resorts, the vacation budget dries up quick!

pool at los cabos resort

While the conversation rate between pesos and dollars isn’t outrageous, it has dipped out of favor for American spenders.

Plus, tourists realize the need to take advantage of all-inclusive packages rather than take the ‘shop until you drop’ approach.

Luxury resorts are kept meticulously clean and orderly too. Tourists are choosing to stay on hotel grounds since there has been a noticeable change in the upkeep in the Medano area.

Lack Of Authenticity

aerial shot Los Cabos

Mexico is full of authentic cultural experiences, including many stunning beach destinations. What tourists are finding is parts of Los Cabos are losing the sense of real Mexico.

Locals have been saying this for quite some time as Los Cabos has skyrocketed as a vacation hotspot.

Beyond the resorts, tourists like to peruse local shops, eat local foods, and hit up the bars for some cold cervezas and margaritas.

When there is nothing new and what is already established feels catered to tourists, vacationers are going elsewhere.

cabo sign at tequila tasting room

Tourists are still booking typical tours, such as sport fishing and visiting El Arco, and what is especially popular right now are whale watching tours.

Escaping the cold weather to a sunny beach getaway like Los Cabos will always be popular, but Medano simply needs a facelift to draw tourists in again according to the latest report.

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Sunday 28th of January 2024

Best year on record??? Which Cabo do you all live????

LOUIS Salatich

Friday 26th of January 2024

I have been saying for the last several years that Cabo is no longer Mexico. A lot of long time Travers are calling Cabo "Newport Beach south". Overbuilt, poor infrastructure, and overpriced. Plus all inclusive resorts destroy the local economy. Our family use to go 2 or 3 times a year. But we don't travel there anymore.


Sunday 28th of January 2024

@LOUIS Salatich, true! Completly overpriced!