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Why Los Cabos Hotels Are Among The Most Crowded In Mexico

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According to a recent report, Los Cabos hotels are among the most crowded in Mexico, having registered an occupancy rate of 81.2% in the first six months of the year. 

Resorts in the area have ranked higher than those in extremely popular tourist sites, such as Nuevo Nayarit, Cancún, and Puerto Vallarta. 

Why Los Cabos Hotels Are Among The Most Crowded In Mexico copy

The data was collected from 70 resorts monitored by DataTur, a program responsible for presenting information regarding the economic impact of tourism in Mexico. 

SECTUR, the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, also reported that hotel occupancy is growing all over the country compared to 2022.  

How is September going? 

Despite the positive growth of tourism in Los Cabos, currently, the area is welcoming fewer tourists than in previous months. 

All inclusive hotel RIU Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas

Lilizi Orci, the Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, says that this is normal and in line with the past years. 

According to Orci, September tends to register fewer tourists due to the hurricane season and other factors, such as the end of the summer. 

However, the Executive President says there is still an improvement in the number of tourists visiting the area compared to the previous years, affirming: “This September we are hoping to close with 54% (occupancy rate) which is low compared to the average we had (in the last months) but not as low as before.”

Riu Palace Hotel and Resort in Los Cabos

Years ago, resorts, hotels, and restaurants alike had such low occupancy rates in September that some were forced to close.

Nowadays, this sudden drop in the number of visitors is no longer so damaging to the tourism industry of Los Cabos and may even be beneficial for some. 

In fact, this period can be extremely useful for resort and restaurant owners who, in this month, can not only focus on the necessary maintenance work but also train new personnel. 

Why is Los Cabos so popular? 

Given the regular increase in the number of tourists, people may be wondering why Los Cabos is becoming such a popular destination. 

Marina and yacht club area in Cabo San Lucas

The truth is that there is no single answer to this question. 

Los Cabos is recently getting plenty of attention from American tourists due to several factors. 

Number one is surely the number of luxurious activities, resorts, and restaurants present in the area.

Los Cabos is home to some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world, such as Grand Velas, which, throughout the years, has received plenty of accolades. 

But this is not all. Los Cabos is also home to high-end restaurants and offers luxurious activities, such as the possibility to rent private yachts and a qualified crew and sail in the ocean. 

Luxury Cabo Home

Most recently, Los Cabos has also become extremely popular among adventure seekers.

Tourists deciding to visit this destination can get a boost of adrenaline thanks to the many activities in the area. 

For instance, visitors can rent a 4×4 and explore the dunes of Los Cabos, see the area from a completely new perspective while parasailing on the ocean, or ride the Pacific Ocean waves on board a jet ski. 

Last but not least, more and more people are now opting for a Los Cabos vacation to try out its unique cuisine. 

Girl on a Beach in Los Cabos with a Surfboard Looking Out at the Water

According to feedback from recent tourist surveys, it seems that over one in ten visitors booking a holiday here do so to try the local food. 

Dishes such as Guemes Tamales, corn husk tamales with raisins, olives, and meat, usually pork or chicken, are now attracting tourists from all over the USA. 

But those interested in a food vacation don’t only come here to try new dishes. 

woman cooking food in los cabos

In Los Cabos, visitors also get the chance to learn traditional Mexican cooking techniques from some of the best chefs in Mexico, making this one of the top-notch destinations in the country. 

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