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Why An All Inclusive May Be The Best Option For Your Los Cabos Summer Getaway 

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You have many options to choose from for accommodations when visiting Los Cabos.   

There are hundreds of hotels in the destination, ranging from charming boutique hotels to sprawling luxury all-inclusive resorts.   

With so many options available, let’s take a look at why an all-inclusive may be the best option for your Los Cabos summer getaway. 

All Inclusive Resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico

One Price For Everything 

As the average nightly hotel rate in Los Cabos reaches nearly $500 a night, all-inclusives offer the benefit of including everything in the price.   

You don’t have to budget for dining, activities, and entertainment, which can add up to an exorbitant amount of money.   

In the end, an all-inclusive plan will likely save you money. 

Entertainment at a Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort

Hassle-Free Planning 

One of the best things about all-inclusives is that they provide a hassle-free way to plan your Los Cabos vacation.   

Rather than having to research restaurants near your hotel, activities, and entertainment, you can book an all-inclusive that has it all.   

You’ll also have access to a concierge who can plan outings outside of the resort property for you.   

Woman Booking a Vacation Online

Everything In One Place 

In addition to offering hassle-free planning, all-inclusive resorts also provide a hassle-free vacation because everything is in one place.   

You’ll have access to restaurants, nightlife, activities, entertainment, lounges, pools, a spa, a gym, and more without having to leave the resort property.   

For many travelers, this is the biggest benefit of booking an all-inclusive.   

Young People in a Resort Pool in Los Cabos, Mexico

Plenty Of Options 

Not only are there plenty of options in hotels in general in Los Cabos, but there are plenty of all-inclusive options as well.   

There are adult-only and family-friendly all-inclusives and luxury and more budget-friendly options.   

Additionally, you can choose between all-inclusives with a party atmosphere or one that’s more focused on rest and relaxation.   

There is an all-inclusive in Los Cabos for every type of traveler.   

People At A Pool In An All Inclusive Resort

Luxury Amenities  

Traditional hotels may come with a few amenities, but all-inclusives come with all kinds of luxury amenities.   

Most have several pools on the property, beach access, 24-hour in-room dining, a daily stocked mini fridge, poolside service, and more.   

Some all-inclusives, like Le Blanc Spa Resort, even provide you with a butler who can do things like unpack your luggage, make reservations for you, and even prepare an aromatherapy bath in their room for you.   

Luxury All-Inclusive Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Something For Everyone  

If you’re traveling with family or friends, all-inclusives make sense because they have something for everyone.   

Family-friendly all-inclusives often have clubs and activities for the kids, a separate adult-only pool, entertainment for adults, and dining options for everyone.   

Adult-only all-inclusives typically offer a wide variety of included activities that guests can choose from, like nightly entertainment, high-end restaurant options, and drinks at several bars and lounges.   

Whichever all-inclusive you choose, members of your group will each be able to enjoy their vacation however they want to.   

Whether it’s indulging in gourmet food and top-shelf drinks, lounging on the beach or in the pool all day, taking fitness classes, or getting a massage at the spa, everyone gets what they want.   

A Hotel Chef Decorating Food

Safety And Security  

Last but by no means least, all-inclusives offer safety and security for visitors, especially first-time visitors who don’t know the area.   

All-inclusives are almost always situated on huge properties that only guests can access.   

Furthermore, when you book an all-inclusive, you don’t run the risk of being scammed like you might when booking an Airbnb or a vacation package online.   

It’s just one more reason to book an all-inclusive vacation in Los Cabos.

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Senior Scott

Wednesday 10th of July 2024

We just got back from our summer trip to Cabo and the restaurants in town are practically empty because the all-inclusive resorts are killing the local businesses. The people that I spoke with at my Resort that did all inclusive we're scared that they're going to get robbed or attacked if they go into town and that's what the hotels are trying to convince you of also in order to keep your dollars at their location.